I am not ashamed of the Gospel. What about you? ~Phil Robertson


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Greece Trip with Jase & Missy

Great testimony on showing the bitter Russian God’s grace, mercy, & love. By far the most entertaining biblically based podcast to date


This podcast has helped me in so many ways, I have learned so much about the Bible. I love how we can take some complicated and make it simple. It’s truly a blessing to listen to you all. I’ll continue to pray for you all as you spread Gods word. We can get America back on track and looking to the one who provided the way.

Love You Guys

What You are doing has always given me hope. The down to earth conversations about Your everyday lives, showing how Walking with God doesn’t keep one from having a great life. If possible would You speak sometime about the topic “Intelligent Design” and the mind blowing mysteries when studying that topic. Again, Love What You Do. Keep it Up. God Bless. Victor from Florida

Episode 406

Love this episode!!! Y’all always put a smile on my face. Everything you said about “Alexa,” reminded me a little bit about the move I Robot. (Watched it last night). However, keep doing what you are doing! Thanks for sharing the gospel in your unique way!

Great podcast

I really love this podcast, I’ve been an avid watcher of the shower when it was on the air. However I’m not really faith based but the show and this podcast seems to give me some type of closure and I love it. Maybe I’ll have a change of heart soon on believing things about the big man. Keep up the good work guys!

Love the show

Like sitting and hearing friends talk. The Word is discussed freely. Thank You brothers.

Thanks for being ProLife

Thanks for one of your adds being a pro life organization! We need more Christians to stand up for those who don’t have a voice! We need more people like you guys


Love listening to you guys! Love the stories, love the Bible study. keep it coming


When it comes to the Robertsons, you have to admit they have been blessed. The Lord has blessed their family for being obedient to His word. Thanks for doing what you do and being so funny while doing it. My family loves you guys. God bless.

The truth

They talk about manliness, etc., yet Phil and jase look like women with their long stringy hair. Especially when jase tucks his hair under his hat, that’s very womanly.


Please pray for my brother in law. He has Covid and his oxygen levels are bad. We are getting a prayer chain going to all believers we know. Thanks E in Iowa.

Life changing

An educational, inspirational, modern day, amusing and yet serious series of biblical instructional insights by a functioning God centered family. No pretense here!

What men need

I was reluctant to listen to Phil Robertson and his crew given their apppearance and redneck reputation. The truth is that America needs their message. It is a fun but serious discussion of biblical truths that will effect us all for eternity. Well done guys.


I have never been one to read my bible or I would once in a while, because I didn’t know where to start or understand the meaning. But over the past year listen and reading along with your family/show has given me guidance and helped me better understand of gods word! Thank you

Praise GOD

Watching your show(when it was on) and listening now to your Pod Cast, The duck call room, and Sadie’s you all have helped opened my eyes too our Savior and wanting me too learn more. 🙏Thank You!


This podcast helps me learn so much about Jesus! I’ve listened to every single one !! I don’t agree with everything they say but I do agree with what Phil says- all we have to do is love god and love one another. Can’t go wrong with that…. Love yal brothers.

Truthfully thoughtful

This is the pod cast everyone needs to hear, the world would be a better place, a peace of heaven on earth


Reset my fire for Jesus. Love the conversation.

Thank you

Positivity, Genuine. Life has been crazy the past two years for my growing family. Through it all ive always felt i have been blessed. you bring my closer to Jesus every time I listen. I’m in the car a lot for work and you make me feel like this is not wasted time. Also I love running to the show keep it up guys.


A great podcast! I like the bible study and the talk between the guys is funny and interesting. (I laughed so much at the alarm clock story) I read Jesus Politics and started to find Phil’s insights have a calming effect on me. I feel better and find this father and sons group have a good effect on me. I work with the Army in Grafenwöhr Germany. Serving with you Dennis

Amazing podcast

I love listening to them discuss life and the Bible. Bible study without the feeling of being stupid! The passion they have for the Kingdom of Christ and the passion to share Jesus is amazing. I would love to sit and read the Bible with them! Their life stories and discussions are priceless as well. I just love that they talk about real life and they are so down to earth

God is unashamed

Amazing show it’s tune was one of my ringtone though I was getting a call . Call cell phone provider they can reset your volume

Highly recommend Unashamed

Highly recommend this podcast. Liberals might learn a few things and turn to the light!

Phil’s alarm

I don’t remember laughing this hard in years! As Phil was explaining his alarm clock setting issues….😂😂😂😂😂

Great podcast

Zach needs to be on the podcast more or needs to make his own podcast.

The truth

Episode 393, it’s spelled *caustic.

Best podcast

Greatest podcast ever. Listen and learn the love of Jesus.

Safe and fun

Great show that incorporates Christian teaching, family values, love of the outdoors, and humor.

Not missing Al

Always a better show when Al isn’t there and love the down home explanation of the scripture. Al seems to drag the show down with his attitude.

Great Show

Godly funny men. Great podcast to listen to.