I am not ashamed of the Gospel. What about you? ~Phil Robertson


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Another Great Show

Christmas is a great time of year. It was funny what Jase was talking about His experiences. I believe it is special for children to believe in the magic of the day and even Santa Claus. Keep up the great work Love Your Family and all that You are doing for God……..Please pray for my Family. Victor G Crockett God Bless You All!!!!

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I like this podcast but it may need to be renamed the Jase show. He doesn't give others a moment to speak. He must need to be heard because he wont let others speak. Slightly annoying

My favorite

I can listen to these guys all day long. Life and bible lessons all in one.

Best part of my day!!

I love this show and can’t even describe the peace it gives me every single day.

Best podcast of all, five stars!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Unashamed is the best of the best!! I can’t wait to see the movie, The Blind! Thank you for all you do!!

Episode 650

I really got a lot out of Jase’s words Bouch once saved, always saved, and how we have to wash all I say need to have our every day life focused on walking with the Lord in order to keep us from sin keep S in check. Thank you very much for those words.


You all are very genuine and genuinely funnY. Thank you for the Bible study. Some times I don’t know how to study and y’all help me put it together and give me food for thought. God Bless and thank you!

My Favorite Podcast

I am a military chaplain’s wife and mother of eight! I listen to this podcast everyday when I go on my walks. I am all caught up now so I have to re-listen to old episodes on off days! I love how down to earth the guys are and how rich the scripture teaching! I always end listening feeling so loved by Jesus and validated in my faith and life. Thank you Alan, Phil and Jase for encouraging me every day! Miss your TV show but this is even better! ❤️

I am working on being Unashamed... with Gods Help

I love Jesus & outlaw Josey whales 😂. And always have. Peace be with you guys. Keep it up. You have been a help to this Oklahoma country Boy.

Christian based movies

I listened to the podcast were y’all discussed Christian movies. The app Pureflix has many good ones. My favorite I watched was a movie called Tulsa. It moved me in ways I never thought a movie could.

11 Corinthians

One the verses I learned over seas in Navy in 1979 had a minister talk about it before we where close to battle so we work with the strength of everlasting life in death

Spiritual roots in real dudes

I love these guys. Thanks for the encouragement, talking about real life, struggles and the Spirit of God who made us more than conquerors! Blessings boys, ps. Get Si and Willy on here too!

Every day listener

This is the best most wholesome podcast out there. Thanks for always being the God fearing, Christ loving, people serving, authentic rednecks you are! We rednecks always know how simple life should be. Thanks for bringing back to my roots every day I listen.

Long time listener and watched

Watched from Duck Dynasty- Unashamed and all in between, God fearing, Jesus loving,Holy Spirit living family, thats the best

Another Great Show

Love You All. Keep up the Great Work. Can’t wait till the new season of Duck Family Treasures. Please pray for my Family. Victor G Crockett God Bless You All!!!!

Evict Zach

I used to love this podcast. Now I can’t even get through 5 minutes when Zach starts to speak it makes me cringe, guys. I know he’s family and stuff, but he’s not good at podcasts. PLEASE GET RID OF EM! I listen to this for Phil mostly I know he’s getting up in years and has said just about all he can say but good lord, who the heck is Zach dasher? And who the heck cares.

Praise the Lord

Your awesome podcast is encouraging. I love it how deep you go into the words but I also miss your show. Your show was a show that me and my dad watched all the get together. He's gone now for since you're now on Roku channel. I watch every episode now again, I also bought all your episodes, but again I appreciate your faith in Jesus thank you Phil Robertson, Jay, Jace Robertson, and Zach can I think you for all of you do for the Lord and I look forward to listening to more. Thanks very much.


They speak from the word of God but they speak to you personally. Such relatable people with so much experience that to the young generation this podcast is good to listen to.

Love the family

The most outspoken, true to their roots, family I have honestly followed since Duck dynasty .. god followed and outspoken miss uncle si not on the Podcast. Uncle si should be a host

Episode 637

Listen to it. Then listen to it again. It spoke directly to me. We have a job to do as believers and Jase nails it on this episode. Such a good podcast. It is very helpful and gives good direction as we strive to share the word. Great message from great people!


When you have the wives on showed that you really live what you speak about because together you are a team

Wonderful Show

The podcast and youtube videos are the only thing I can get my husband and son to consistently listen too. Jase, Allen and Phil have such a relaxed down to earth way.


This is one of the greatest podcasts ever made

Love it

Great show I listen to this at work and on the way home I love it

Down to Earth Preaching

Preaching the love of Jesus in layman’s terms with a side of hunting and fishing, westerns, and family!

Another Great Show

Not sure what the reference to Baptism was all about. Five words regarding that, the Thief on the cross??? Please still say a prayer for my family! Thank You all. Victor G. Crockett

Top 10

True grit , the Searchets ?

Amazing Podcast

Phil, Al, Jase, family, friends and all who make this podcast possible- Thank you so much for your time that you devote to making this show. Your stories and Bible studies have drawn me deeper into God’s word more than ever before in my life. God bless you all- a local South Carolina Redneck.

Another Great Show

I Love the show. The Ladies coming really were a good thing. Still need your prayers for my wife Joy Lynn. She needs Jesus. I would appreciate Your prayers also. Thank You all. Victor G. Crockett