I am not ashamed of the Gospel. What about you? ~Phil Robertson


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Have listen to most podcasts sometimes I download them just to listen to few at time I got the joke

Best podcast!

I’m so thankful for the Unashamed podcast! I’m also thankful that they are some of the best Christians spreading the word of Jesus Christ, father almighty, alpha and the Omega! Thank you all! My God bless you all! Joy Cyrus from Lafayette, Louisiana, born and raised. I’m now living in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Rule one

Don’t play chicken scratch with Jase that and love Jesus. lol my hero is Jesus number two is Ron Desatus. I love my shirt with Jesus telling all the super heroes how he died for the world.

Cmon man

I know Jase and Al aspire to be comedians, but trying to listen to Phil tell an interesting story while those two are cracking (jokes) is almost like torcher. I love you guys but daggum let the man speak. He is why we listen.Please fellas save it for the comedy club.


It feels like we’re sitting at the table along side y’all. 😁

My favorite podcast

“The only Christians you should listen to are those who give you more of a hunger for God.” -A.W. Tozer You do this for me, for sure!!!! I listen to every episode when it comes out and later, I watch it on YouTube in case I missed something! The conversational style and real life application/examples of biblical truth’s lives out by people just like me and my family is exactly what I need at this point in my life! You guys are so relatable and you speak my language! Thanks for being an important part of my walk with the Lord. Your sister in Christ, Angie from Oklahoma


Thank you so much for sharing the Gospel and your hearts. I am growing so much in my faith from listening to y’all. Y’all are helping me understand the Word so much more. I read and study on my own. It is awesome to hear y’all perspective on the word. Y’all are truly men of God!!!


Yes 👍 great pod also, MAGA MAGA MAGA Trump 2024 let’s gooooooo🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Aubrey,loves duck dynasty and hunting

I love this podcast I listen to it when I go to bed I also saw all of the duck dynasty episodes and I am watching duck family treasures I am going into middle school I am 11 and my name is Aubrey do you have any advice . Also god bless you guys I have duck calls to I also shoot guns at are farm and one day I want to shoot a deer,duck,or a squirrel also you guys should start reading are texts also whats y’all’s phone number. Love y’all! Also one more thing thank you Si for your service and I really want to meet you guys sometime that’s my dream! Love you guys :) also one more thing great job si and Godwin and jase love you jase also are farm is in Louisiana and we live in Fort Worth Texas and it’s in the the 150s and stuff here it’s so hot. You guys are I also live in Texas and looooovvvve Buckeess one time at buckees the beaver we met the boomer Sooners softball players and we kept yelling in the store boomer and they said sooner I love there slurpees beef jerky and there pecans I have a stuffed animal buckee and U have a buckees blanket and P-Gs I am from St.Louis Missouri

Don’t Change - Keep It Up

Always a great listen. Larry is a fantastic guest!!

Great show

I love this podcast

Love You Guys

What You are doing has always given me hope. The down to earth conversations about Your everyday lives, showing how Walking with God doesn’t keep one from having a great life. If possible would You speak sometime about the topic “Intelligent Design” and the mind blowing mysteries when studying that topic. Again, Love What You Do. Keep it Up. God Bless. Victor from Florida Don’t know, being called something with the word Christ in it is ok with me! About baptism, Did Jesus baptize the thief on the cross? I believe we baptize because Jesus said to do it. We do it because He said too, but also because it is a public statement of dying to sins, being buried, and the raised with Christ in the new body following Jesus!!! Sorry Jase, Al’s joke has You beat hands down. Yours was too involved:(

God is amazing

God is amazing and I love listening to this show to keep him on my mind. So how does Moses make coffee? Hebrews

Loaded w/truths & buckshot💋⚔️🕊

Pray’n for continued strength & ty for kep’n it real⚓️…Luke 13:32 came to mind on today’s show💋⚔️😂👍🎯🕊

Loaded w/truths & buckshot💋⚔️🕊

Pray’n for continued strength & ty for kep’n it real⚓️

God touch Mia, hurry her healing

God bless You all !!!!!

I love this show

I love this show showing me more about God. Also we need Missy on this show. I listen to this show and love my God more. Also Jase and the Bible have gotten me to metal dedicating

A Pleasant Surprise!

I accidentally stumbled upon this podcast and now it’s an essential part of my Christian podcast library.


I love this podcast but listening to Jase be so condescending to Phil irks the heck out of me. He should try forgiveness.

It’s giving me courage

These guys are “unashamed” and they have a genuine heart to share their faith with those who are searching. Just listening to them gives me strength to share my faith as well. Thank you so much for these studies and sharing your faith and knowledge in Christ. God bless you!

Like being one of the guys

I love this podcast because of the fun banter and authentic way the guys infuse biblical teaching into everyday experiences. If you’re looking for encouragement, to grow closer to God, to be a better husband or father, this is a worthwhile investment of your time.

Awesome podcast but I have one question

I don’t know if you guys look at these but if you do could you talk about how you guys can memorize and understand everything in the Bible daily well to me a lot of it is just stories and I struggle to find meaning in the whole of the Bible

Love it!!!

I like hanging out with the guys and their guests, but I really love the Bible study time. Would really like if, in the show notes, you could include which portions are being covered that day.

Great podcast

Until about a year and a half ago I never listened to podcast. I started listening to two podcast that are Christian based podcast put out by Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters. The first one is named after that camp/retreat that is an awesome place check it out online. The second is called No Sanity Requiredboth really good. I’m glad I found your podcast because I love getting some of Gods word early in the morning when I’m walking it just helps to start my day off right. So far I have really enjoyed listening and I’m excited for y’all’s movie. Keep up the good works of spreading the gospel.

Love the show

Stop going to break mid conversation. Other than that love the show

Truly godly men

Funny, biblical, interesting, and super fun if you have ever watched duck dynasty

Let’s take a break…

Just curious as I am listening to your podcast which is interrupted numerous times with, “let’s take a break…“ But there are no ads or commercials during this time. If you don’t need to take a break, just keep talking people! Despite this, I love your show.

Highly Recommend!!

I highly recommend this podcast! The Robertson’s are a Christ seeking family in everything they do. This is what we need in an era of self indulgence. We need to seek First the Kingdom of God! To live for Christ is to die as gain!

Favorite podcast.

Love this whole family and the boldness with which they share the gospel. This podcast is amazing. It’s filled with fun everyday stories that happen in their life but always focused on Jesus. I can enjoy a fun Bible study while I drive several times a week. Favorite podcast in my library.

Psalm 22

When Zach brought up this psalm Up I immediately went to it and the realization it was talking about Jesus was a light bulb moment. Thank you for this podcast.