I am not ashamed of the Gospel. What about you? ~Phil Robertson


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I drive over an hour one way to work in the COVID unit at the hospital. It’s such a relief to listen to y’all on my way home from work. It makes my drive seem a lot shorter. Thank y’all for doing this.


I love starting my mornings off with this podcast. I’m a teacher and this has been one of the toughest years of my career. Being able to listen to the Robertsons talk about God’s word each morning restores me and leaves me ready to face the day.

My fav

Love this podcast

Texas A&M university

Best way to wake up before a day of college in this broken world. Y’all help me stand strong against indoctrination in school. Y’all should speak about indoctrination in public schools on a podcast! Thank you!

Keep it goin

Guys just letting you know how much I enjoy the show & thankful for y’all & the fact you’re not ashamed of the gospel!!

Great Show

Has humor, very enjoyable to listen in on their stories, learn things and the Bible is presented in plan language.



God bless you all

This family for years has helped me find God and understand the Bible. Thank you all


I love to be the fly on the wall while they talk, interrupt and discuss life and the bible. Especially when they get nostalgic;)


I want to golf with Jase while we talk about the Bible.

Wonderful podcast

Absolutely awesome fellas! Y’all are doing wonderful things yonderway! Thank y’all so much for the podcast! It means a lot! God bless

Can't wait for the Metal Detecting Show

I never know what these guys will talk about, but it is always entertaining. Thank you!


My life is too busy to listen to all the episodes, although I wish I could. These guys do a great job of bringing me to Jesus in a light hearted way that helps melt the stress of life. I highly recommend their Bible studies. They go at a nice slow pace,just my speed. 😀

Always Relevant, with laughter.

The Robertson men have a great gift of communication. I really enjoy listening to these three men and their guests. Jesus is what it’s all about. God Bless America for the freedom to be an individual, corporately in the body of Christ

Relatable Jesus

My husband and I listen to this podcast together and we love it. It’s funny and relatable to some fellow SC rednecks. Sound Biblical principles and good stories. Definitely 5 stars!

Na- stahl- gia

Thanks for the insight and your perspective regarding God.


This podcast has brought me back to Jesus. Learning to live by grace and not law was something I needed to help me understand faith The stories are also so much fun to listen to. Keep up the great work for the Kingdom


I have struggled to read the Bible for many years. This podcast and my church have really helped me grow in my faith! Thank you guys so much. Can’t wait for Jase’s show!!


By far the best podcast I’ve ever listened to

The best people ever

This is the best podcast ever it’s exactly what this world needs to hear

I understand now !

I understand the Gospel now, this podcast is fun and informative!

Omega sponsor

I tried to order from your sponsor Omega XL but sadly you can only get this if you sign up for auto ship. That is not mentioned in your ad at all. I wanted to try it before I commit to every month. Very disappointed. I will say though that I very much enjoy your podcast. Jo

My favorite Podcast!!

Phil is a great teacher of the Bible!! Yes Jase talks a lot but their stories are hillarious!!

Thank you

I am blessed by this podcast. I listen while I’m at work (I work in an office) and have laughed out loud while listening… I've gotten some strange looks hahaha Keep up the good work! God bless

Please read !!!! Gene war!!

I heard a sermon the other day by Andrew Billings titled Gene War!! I flounder thru rumble. Two parts please watch this and let me know what your options are !!! Thanks


Love it!!! Phil is real even if hurts peoples feelings❤️❤️

Unashamed podcast

Best podcast ever!!! I love it! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Common sense!

Fun common sense! Good life awesome Jesus, authentic guys. APPRECIATE YA


I can’t say enough about this podcast and the impact it has on my life. Just listening every day, I live a better life, I have finally understood what it means to be less and The Almighty be more!! It has saved my marriage!!

Powerful messages

These guys are on topic for what this Society is need of.