I am not ashamed of the Gospel. What about you? ~Phil Robertson


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Great podcast

The Robertson's are very knowledgeable as far as scripture is concerned and they relate very well to average people. They tell stories great as well. Worth listening to and very encouraging.

God is unashamed

Love Jesus and the children who are safe in the lord


Love the family banter. The honesty and all the love. Entertaining

Best podcast

I listen to several podcasts daily on my commute, and yours is my very favorite! A mix of entertainment: informative, encouraging, and inspiring. Love you all! God bless!

Must See TV for our family

My wife and I look forward to each of the 4 weekly podcasts, it's the only thing we watch regularly. We like the discussion about every day things at the beginning of each episode. We like the pace that they go through the Bible, not rushing through any section for the sake of getting it covered in a predetermined and set time frame. The guests, when they have them, have all been excellent.

Really really good

This is entertaining and very informational

The truth lives here

This podcast provides and the truth about the gospel and nothing but the truth about Jesus Bless the Robertsons for all they do to spread the good word


I love your podcasts because you are all so humble. I feel like I’m listening to friends share their faith and flaws so that we all can learn together. I like listening to different preachers but with your family it’s different. It’s like being at home with friends. I laugh and cry sometimes but it’s all good. Again, thank you. Keep your podcasts coming! You are helping a lot of people. My best to all the family! God bless! Marie - High Point, NC

Love this podcast

Hands down the best family podcast. Uplifting and REAL. I CANT say how real it is enough. Excellent job. We listen to them all!!!!!


You were talking about the Duck Dynasty Bible and thought what a cool Christmas present for my kids and grandkids. On Amazon the hardcover is $158.88 and the imitation leather is $87.45. Please print more so the people you have helped point the way to Jesus can buy one.


This podcast is my “go to” on my morn and evening commute. Helps me stay focused on the Lord and reminds me that we are here for a short period and our true home is the The Kingdom!!! Thanks guys! Love you all!!


By far best podcast ever!


I can’t get enough of this podcast. It’s a balanced approach to Love.

The credit for my faith

The Robertson clan and that “little duck show” are the catalyst that brought me to Christ. I have been the whole road- atheist, agnostic, believer, and finally Christian. This program has sharpened my focus and the Robertson family stories touch my heart and head.


I am so grateful I find this podcast ! Due to my eyesight I can not read my bible now ! I listen to the podcast every night ! I have learned so much about the Bible from Phil Al and Jase ! Their faith inspires me ! I knew they had a strong faith just from watching duck dynasty which I loved that show ! I have the shows whole dvd collection ! But thru the podcast I have learned just how deep their faith is ! Because of them I’m deepening my own faith ! Thank you for this podcast it means a lot to believers like me ! Just a funny little thing you might enjoy my name is Phyllis and my twin brother is Phil

Favorite Podcast

By far my favorite podcast. Encouraging and entertaining. P.S. please come back to MA soon!

Awesome Podcast

I have been listening with my Apple AirPods. Second episode in. When the episode ends. I am always scared when this swooping sound comes out of no where and I feel like I’m about to die. Gotta remember this next time!!


Love the show guy’s keep up the good work

Thank You Phil

I never completely understood why our governing authorities across this world are so evil and corrupt until Phil led me to Romans 1: 18-32. In a nutshell God’s word in these verses explains in detail word for word the characteristics of most of the world and especially our governing authorities. And this especially includes the United States in the present time. Thank you Phil and God Bless You.

One of the best out there for spreading the gospel.

You all have put together a great thing here. I originally grew up watching you all on television every day. There were so many life lessons given at that stage. Now I find myself preparing to enter the “adult world” and graduating college and still learning these great lessons and hearing the word. I never knew I’d find myself at 20 years old listening to a bible podcast daily, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you all for doing what you do.

Call it like it is boys

Reminiscing to when we could call Time and Temp!! Lol.


I have never not laughed while listening. It’s amazing how happy/funny Christians are.

Godly men

These are wonderful Godly men who love their Lord. Thank you for standing firm in your faith and living unashamed. Love to hear my brothers in Christ talking about their faith. I would recommend this podcast to anyone who wants to walk closer to Jesus.

Greece Trip with Jase & Missy

Great testimony on showing the bitter Russian God’s grace, mercy, & love.

Favorite Thing When Working Out LOL

I love this family! They speak the truth so plainly, in a manner that we can totally understand. Each episode begins and ends with Jesus in mind. So grateful for the growth I have experienced in my faith because of them!


I really enjoy Miss Kay and Lisa’s visits.

The real podcast

You know those Bible thumpers that you just can’t wait to run away from… Well this podcast is not that! These guys deliver the gospel and all it’s glory in aVery understandable way with a bit of redneck humor thrown in just to keep it fun


Great guys telling you the truth of Gods word and the amazing truth of Jesus help you help yourself listen to these guys

Like Visiting with Friends

I always feel I’m dropping in on a conversation. Stories are told and I connect with this family. A Bible passage is shared and discussed. It is a blessing to know Christ reigns in hearts. Thank you. I look forward to each podcast.

Great Podcast

This has been a go to for me. They conversations about life mixed with humor, and topped off with Jesus is awesome. They breakdown scripture and bring it to you with great insight.