I am not ashamed of the Gospel. What about you? ~Phil Robertson


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Like the title says, these guys are unashamed. Unashamed about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, unashamed to tell people about what Jesus can do in your life, unashamed to share stories of their past and their failures. I enjoy the familial banter in the beginning segments, and the deep conversations and scripture studies towards the end. Jovial, human, and real.

Thank you

Y'all teach the Bible in a way anyone can understand and easy to learn about Jesus. Your (everyone's) outlook on life is positive and encouraging.🙌🙏♥️


Thank you for always reminding us that we are to share with others no matter because that is what is commanded by our God.

Thank you Robertsons

I always check for a new unashamed before listening to any other podcast. If I have time for a podcast this is the one I’m gonna listen to! Love listening to Jase’s stories and his thoughts on the scripture. Phil has so much wisdom and I love his insights. Al and Zach always bring the show up a notch. I’ve learned so much from this family and I’m grateful. Bless y’all

Laid back Bible study

I enjoy the small talk at the beginning. I am closer to Christ and am a person who is slower to anger thanks to this Podcast.

The God bomb

Y’all are awesome thank you for your Godly teachings and making it fun to listen. You are truly a God sent family!! Keep up the awesome work!!

God is unashamed

Why most farms get barn cats and big farm dogs or or Donkeys

Funny with a great Bible lesson!!

I absolutely love listening to you all while I’m at work! Phil’s laundry stories crack me up!! Thanks for all you do to help my work day pass!!

Bring Faith In!!

Duck Dynasty is back!! Phil, Al, and Jase do so good keeping themselves true to God. Great job you guys!!


Someone, anyone, from the show listen to your podcast in your vehicle just once. The initial show title opener “I am unashamed, how bout’ you” is great but then the volume drops off bad. Listening in my Silverado I have to adjust the volume constantly. The video/YouTube version is fine.

Awesome Show

I love the show! Keep up the Lord’s work guys!

The truth

Phil’s told the story about the woman interviewer who didn’t eat meat at least 20 times now.

Love it!

Great show with great and live changing information.

I love this podcast.

I listened almost every day. I haven’t missed an episode since I picked the podcast up last October. Great work guys.

Great content but …

Is it just me or is Jase using the word “like” too much?? I don’t recall it being used as much as of late.

Get your unashamed on

I love this show and tell everyone at my church to listen to it. It my extra bit of church. My Church when I need it

God is unashamed

Amazing I spent more time during pre marriage counseling me and pastor talked bow hunting and fishing but our belief is Christ was strong


Life changing.

Great wholesome listening

Love this pod cast great listening wholesome values. Y’all crank them out fast too great for listening time wile in traffic and waiting to get my kids from school.


I was talking to my best friend the other day and asked when she might get baptized. There was an open call that day in church but I wasn’t there and she doesn’t like being the center of attention. She said to me “ya know, I have been listening to Phil Robertson’s podcast. It is like my Bible study while I drive. I think we should go to Phil’s so he can baptize me. Wouldn’t that be cool?” So I started listening and now I am hooked. I won’t let her come to you without an invitation so she doesn’t get shot but to have Phil baptize her and to share a meal and cook with Kay would be such a blessing. This podcast speaks the truth and is teaching the words that O need to learn to become a better disciple of Christ.

Life affirming

When I first tried this podcast I was expecting a lot of politics and what I got was a lot of knowledge and love for Jesus. The words that they are sharing and the message they are sending I really do believe is anointed by God and they do it in a way that is so entertaining but suddenly I know that it’s helping me to stay on the path that is narrow and leads to everlasting life.

Love this

Love this podcast! I’m listening to them in order and am just now at #74 but I’ll keep on until I get caught up. You will laugh and worship at the same time.

Easily my favorite podcast!

Thank you for this podcast, gentlemen! I love it; it keeps me entertained and centered on Jesus! Keep up the Lord's great work!

Bible is key

This podcast has comedy Jesus what more can you ask for go duck commander!!

Overtime on The Blaze

Awesome podcast, I will miss in the woods with Phil, I just tuned in to your overtime segment I love it as much as everything else you guys do I will be renewing my subscription to the blaze to see more unashamed overtime.

Texas has king cakes

We also celebrate Mardi Gras!

Fun and entertaining

This is just a good wholesome podcast with good people!


This podcast has comedy Jesus and just great things to talk about that you get invested in

Great show!

Love the stories and the bible study! Great job guys!


Amazing Podcast. I really enjoy the stories & bible study & have learned a lot. Keep it coming!