I am not ashamed of the Gospel. What about you? ~Phil Robertson


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I want to thank you for sharing the word of God with me. You have helped me so much in understanding the word in a way that I can explain the life death and resurrection of Jesus to others. I have the questions “where did you come from and where are you going” on the ready. You helped so much with first and second Corinthians and Romans. What I would really love is the Bible read in your voices.


Half way they pod cast had to heat up some leftovers to finish it


My name is Michael and I have been a fan for a very long time and been listening to the podcast and I must say I have been very blessed if it was not for all of y’all my life will never be a change for the better and I appreciate everything and I think you’re a podcast to replace podcast I’ve ever listen to everybody I think she listens to the crowd podcast they will definitely get a blessing out of it thank you!

Love this podcast!

Can not get enough of this podcast, I was a huge fan of the show and just started watching season 1 again for like the fifth time. Listen to every podcast great stuff.


On resurrection week as believers faithful to our God not government or church building .

So many episodes

46 episodes away from 500

Social media

It can work for good and it how lots of good people listen to unashamed

Great insight

Love the show and always willing to have an open mind and heart to others insight on biblical knowledge and application. Only critique I have is it seems as time has passed the show has become more centered around commercials for upcoming books, shows, and “story time”, then only gives ten or so minutes at the end to the actual bible study. I’m all for sharing personal experiences etc, but hate having to fast forward so much to get to the actual meat of Gods word. Maybe we can bring back the model of the older show which were more bible study centered? Either way I’m still a subscriber and pray for the best for you guys and your ministry. Much love in God and Christ Jesus from your brother in Texas!

absolutely love the robertsons

It’s nice to hear from them and what they are doing now. I’ve watched every episode of their show Duck Dynasty and am invested in their lives and appreciate being updated on their thoughts and prayers

Great morning motivation

Love Duck Dynasty tv show and love hearing their point of view about God and Faith.


Why don’t Phil and jase get haircuts? They look silly and they always talk about men being men and women being women, and they both have women's hairdos. Plus Phil’s hair is always greasy and it’s well documented he stinks like a boar hog. I like when they clear their throats then Al demands they take a break.

Love this podcast.

I listen everyday on my way into work (my commute is not long enough to listen to a whole podcast in one sitting) and my knowledge of the God’s word has grown tremendously. Thank you for boldly sharing Jesus and encouraging others to do so in the process.


Stay safe.22 shorts for rats about 5#

Wonderful podcast!

I truly enjoy listening to this podcast. I enjoy the spirited back and forth between Phil and Jase. Al’s attempts to bring them back on track is very amusing as well. Their topics are relevant and give me an opportunity to see an issue from another perspective. Always lifting up Jesus and the Scripture. Their podcast is a welcome stop for an old(er) born again Christian. Around the Cross of Christ many factions of Christians can come and worship as one Body. <><


Thank you for being unashamed to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Listening to your pod cast moved me to dig deeper into God’s word. You speak truth and continue to fill my head and heart with the living word, thank for that. God bless you guys!

Thank you

Thank you for all you do to encourage,mature & grow the kingdom of God!

Seeing God brighter

Thank you Robertson’s. I listen to your podcast, read Phil’s books and laugh with the guys on the Duck Call room. I’m newly retired and finding God in my life, that’s to all of you. I’m Christian and always depended on God, but thanks to your sharing I feel a lot more spiritual, I listen and pray more often… joy is in my life even through the hard time. God bless you all.

Really enjoyed

Today was my first show and I really enjoyed it will definitely be subscribing to the show. If you like Brandon lake you should listen to his song gratitude. Awesome show.

Great Podcast!

Thanks for doing this podcast!

Love this podcast

Great job guys. Love listening to your Bible discussions and applications to life. Phil baptized me way back in 2014 at his place at Cypres creek. Genuine Godly man.


Whatever expert you listen to you still make the final decision. I choose to follow the EXPERT that created all things.

Entertainment at its best

I just discovered Unashamed (yea late to the party) and so thankful that I have. I love the banter and their unashamed love of God. Thank you so much for sharing your lives but more importantly for sharing the gospel with us.


Why don’t Phil and jase get haircuts? They look silly and they always talk about men being men and women being women, and they both have women's hairdos. Plus Phil’s hair is always greasy and it’s well documented he stinks like a boar hog.

Thankful for this podcast

I love following through the word with these guys. It’s a good dive in the word. Plus you get a laugh in, which we all need a little more of that.

Just started listening

I am a man that strayed from god,started listening to these guys and the best words I heard that stopped me in my tracks , Jase asks” who are you? Why are you here? And how are you leaving?” Most powerful 3 questions I’ve ever been asked. Stopped me in my tracks and made me hit my knees… These guys love god,life,and teaching . Thank God he put this family on this earth! Thanks for helping me through the hardest time of my life with your teachings

Our favorite podcast!

My husband and I absolutely love listening to unashamed. I came across it trying to find podcasts to listen to on while we workout and on our long commutes. It exercises our faith and mind while we exercise our bodies. Thank you for the uplifting messages, laughs and Bible based stories, it’s so refreshing!

Thank You

I began listening when the first episode came out. I was a Godly man that was committed to my faith. Due to my own sins and withdrawing myself from Jesus in pursuit of an ungodly life, I found myself overwhelmed with darkness. By the grace of God and his love for me I have come back into the fold and I am once again walking the path of righteousness. I have also been blessed enough to begin leading my wife and sons into the path of righteousness. Since my return I have began listening to Unashamed starting at the newest episode at the time and I am now into the low 100’s. I’m aware its backwards but I don’t mind. I listen 8-10 hours a day at work Monday - Saturday and I can’t begin to tell you how much your study of the Bible has brought wisdom and insight into my daily walk with God. My wife and I even listened to the Jambalaya recipe episode and followed it to the letter. It was delicious, as expected. Thank you for all you do. Keep fighting the good fight!

Great podcast

Thanks for doing this

10 Stars if Possible

Did you ever sit unnoticed and listen to the men talking. That’s what Unashamed is like for me. Secretly learning as the men in the family solve the worlds problems.


I would love to know jase answers to his three questions.