I am not ashamed of the Gospel. What about you? ~Phil Robertson


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Thank God for the Robertsons!

Although I watched Duck Dynasty for years, I have only recently found the Unashamed podcast. I am hooked on not only the stories but I am learning so much about God and the Bible! I have a new found respect for the Robertson family because on this podcast, I can truly see each one’s true love and commitment to the Almighty! God Bless the Robertsons and all of their guests and the message of Hope and Salvation in Jesus that they teach, preach and live out daily!


I listen to you guys every morning. Great way to start the day and I’ve learned so much. The interview with Chad Roibchaux was exceptional. Can’t wait to share with my husband. God Bless you all! My kids were raised on Duck Dynasty.

Love you brothers in Christ

Thank you for your faith in God and this podcast. I never miss an episode and it has definatly helped in my own walk. God bless you all.

Unashamed withPhil Robertson

Love this Podcast. Good family fun and great Bible Wisdom.

5 stars

I started listening because I was a Duck Dynasty fan. Now I listen because you’ve helped me re-light the flame in my faith and helped me get back in the Bible each day. Thanks for everything you do, Killian from Bentonville, AR

Love your show!

Wife and I love y’all. Sending y’all love from CHICAGO.

Get well soon Phil

Get well and good luck with the rest of the hunting season. God bless.

Phil’s wisdom/Phil and fSon’sR knowledge

What a breath of fresh air. I love listening to Phil’s wisdom. Most people, including myself,look at these guys and are in awe of their knowledge of the Bible. I’m happy that they are a part of the community where I live. We need more like them. I only need one like them. My husband passed away and I want a good Christian man.

Great Perspective

Phil and the Robertson Family provide an honest, down to earth account of the Bible as it applies today.

Love these guys— deep and reverent

What a refreshing experience spending time with these guys discussing the Word of God! I wish I could participate as well as listen. Like the old song says “Sure smoothes the wrinkles in my soul”. Especially enjoy Jase’s take on things.

Thank you.

Was following on YouTube for a while and amongst work and life lost track. I come back and try to listen on iTunes and just wow. I have some catching up to do so I’m listening to new ones and old ones. It has really changed my morning routine for me when I have to go out and do my mourning checks at work every morning. Thank y’all for just being you and spreading the gospel you have help me and I’m sure several others grow closer in our faith. I feel like I still have a ways to go and my wife is patient with me but y’all have helped tremendously expecially this latest episode.

Great Podcasr

This is a great podcast by wonderful Christian men. They keep things very realistic and simple.

Episode 589 is a keeper!

Wow- this episode on Godly marriage made me cheer and brought tears to my eyes. I’ve been married for 15 years to a man who has faithfully loved me and sacrificially lead our family, and it’s a beautiful thing. God’s plan for families is the best plan, and I appreciate you all sharing that truth. I’m a regular listener and never miss an episode. Thanks for all you do in sharing the gospel and, on a personal note, thank you for allowing me to study the Bible alongside you. It is helping me grow in my own faith and encouraging me to share the gospel with boldness. ❤️

You helped me!

I listen to your podcasts everyday at work & you all have helped me grow in my faith and you have helped me build a relationship with My Lord Jesus and I couldn’t be more in love! Thank you and next time your at the beach let me know, I would love to have you at our church❤️⚓️


I have laughed! I love the way you guys see God in era’thing & kep swat’s those ‘fiery 🎯’s’‼️💋⚔️🦟

Thank you

Hi Phil, Al, Jase and the rest of the team. I am a Yuppie and I have been listening to your show for a year now. I love what you all have to say and you are all huge role models for me in my life right now. I have been a believer for a couple years now and I am so glad to have Jesus Christ in my life. I am learning a lot in my journey and you all help me every time I listen to you. I am struggling with something and am asking for prayers and help. I have a friend that was a believer at one point in his life and is so mad at God right now. He feels God has punished him and I know that’s not true. Him and his fiancé have had a tough time with struggles in their family. The most recent thing in their life is a rare disease call KCNT1 that their two month old son was diagnosed with. His son is basically a vegetable and has 100’s to 1000’s of seizures a day. He was at my house yesterday and I brought up faith, believing, love, the miracle of Jesus Christ and he wasn’t having it. Any prayers or recommendations would be greatly appreciative. We want to help this family in anyway we can. I don’t mean with money, but any support would be beautiful. Thank you for all that you do and much love.

11 Corinthians 5

That is one of my favorite passages when I heard it from a pastor on board ship In Middle East back in 1979 headings to Iran after hostages where taken

Honest Conversations

In really enjoy the raw honest conversations about life and the Bible

Less Jase please

Less Jase on the podcast would be better. His attitude is getting less likeable and I’ve listened since the beginning. He dominates the time too. We need to hear more from the other 3. They are humble and kind.


This latest episode 579 was probably one of the most meaningful ones for me. After we lost our youngest daughter to a car accident I started listening to unashamed and reading my Bible. Always looking for comfort and understanding of heaven. This study of the transfiguration and it’s meaning was very helpful for me. Thank you guys for walking me through this hard period in my life. Even though you don’t know me your time you spend with me means a great deal. Keep on doing what you do.


You all are very genuine and genuinely funnY. Thank you for the Bible study. Some times I don’t know how to study and y’all help me put it together and give me food for thought. God Bless and thank you!

I love these guys.

I watched DD some years ago when I was Corrections Officer Academy, a particularly difficult time in my life, and I loved the stand the Robertson Family took for Christ, on a secular network no less. I always wanted to go back and watch the other episode, but never got around to it. Well I binge watch all of them in the last month or so. Then I looked up some Phil’s Musings. His insights on the Scriptures are simply and clear and highlight how proud God’s word is. I highly recommend.

Thank you

I’ve been watching y’all since the duck dynasty days. I’m a huge fan and now I listen to y’all read and talk about Gods word. It means much more than y’all will ever know. I’ve rededicated my life to him and renewed my faith in Jesus Christ and it’s all thanks to y’all. May God continue to bless you and your families.

Speak life!

Unashamed to speak publicly of the Lord. Amazing podcast, and the cast is down to earth 🙌

Spreading God’s word with their unique Duck Dynamic Humor

Recently I have been getting burnout with traditional Christ-centered Podcasts. A search of highly rated pod-casts led me to this one and it has not disappointed! So many laughs and good, Godly wisdom from Phil and his crew. Thank you for making my workouts tolerable.


I know of No other Christian broadcast that has a paywall.


1 Peter 4:10. Thank you for sharing the word and your insights.

Keep finger dry

Hopefully your finger heals seeing you on YouTube trying to write


I really enjoy the show and the stories but my only hang up is Al’s constant interruption and clearing his throat in the mic. Seriously nobody wants to hear you drink or cough. His favorite word is “I” and no matter what’s being talked about he brings it back to himself and it just gets annoying.


So thankful for the Unashamed podcast! Thrilled it now available 3 days a week! God bless you and your families for all you do. Unashamed is a blessing in my life! Faithful Listener, MJ from Lakewood, NJ🙏