I am not ashamed of the Gospel. What about you? ~Phil Robertson


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Like being one of the guys

I love this podcast because of the fun banter and authentic way the guys infuse biblical teaching into everyday experiences. If you’re looking for encouragement, to grow closer to God, to be a better husband or father, this is a worthwhile investment of your time.

Awesome podcast but I have one question

I don’t know if you guys look at these but if you do could you talk about how you guys can memorize and understand everything in the Bible daily well to me a lot of it is just stories and I struggle to find meaning in the whole of the Bible

Love it!!!

I like hanging out with the guys and their guests, but I really love the Bible study time. Would really like if, in the show notes, you could include which portions are being covered that day.

Great podcast

Until about a year and a half ago I never listened to podcast. I started listening to two podcast that are Christian based podcast put out by Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters. The first one is named after that camp/retreat that is an awesome place check it out online. The second is called No Sanity Requiredboth really good. I’m glad I found your podcast because I love getting some of Gods word early in the morning when I’m walking it just helps to start my day off right. So far I have really enjoyed listening and I’m excited for y’all’s movie. Keep up the good works of spreading the gospel.

Love the show

Stop going to break mid conversation. Other than that love the show

Truly godly men

Funny, biblical, interesting, and super fun if you have ever watched duck dynasty

Let’s take a break…

Just curious as I am listening to your podcast which is interrupted numerous times with, “let’s take a break…“ But there are no ads or commercials during this time. If you don’t need to take a break, just keep talking people! Despite this, I love your show.

Highly Recommend!!

I highly recommend this podcast! The Robertson’s are a Christ seeking family in everything they do. This is what we need in an era of self indulgence. We need to seek First the Kingdom of God! To live for Christ is to die as gain!

Favorite podcast.

Love this whole family and the boldness with which they share the gospel. This podcast is amazing. It’s filled with fun everyday stories that happen in their life but always focused on Jesus. I can enjoy a fun Bible study while I drive several times a week. Favorite podcast in my library.

Psalm 22

When Zach brought up this psalm Up I immediately went to it and the realization it was talking about Jesus was a light bulb moment. Thank you for this podcast.

So good

Love these guys and this podcast. They do such a good job of teaching the gospel.


They are just, in my opinion, THE best podcast in the world

Worth a listen for a good feel good!

Used to love watching the show. You guys are awesome. I’m a Christian mama (Mormon) and love listening to your show. Your show brings me back to my Southern Utah roots. I love how well you all know and love the scriptures as well as live them. Can’t pick a favorite podcast cuz all of them are great, but when you had Phyllis and your mom on the show I loved hearing all about your family genealogy story. Keep up the great work and keep the stories coming!

Good ole boys…

I love this!! It is literally just some good ole boys chatting about God.




I love listening to the Unashamed podcast. It is so refreshing to be able to play a podcast out loud in the house and know it’s family friendly and rooted in Biblical truth. I am always playing these episodes and eagerly awaiting each new episode. I love how they chat about their life events but also break the Gospel down in bite size pieces we can all chew on throughout the day.

Love the show

Love the show but why did I just hear a prude month commercial? I know y’all don’t approve of that

Father’s Day shoutout!

Hi there Robertson crew! My name is Carlie Lindsey and I am reaching out in hopes of gifting my husband with a great Father’s Day gift- a shoutout. A little about him- his name is Quinton Lindsey and we have been together for 10 years and married for 2. We have a beautiful almost 4 year old son, Bowen, with a daughter on the way. I have had the BLESSING to watch Quinton grow in these ten years and it’s been nothing short of God!! We discovered y’all’s podcast in the fall of 2020 through my dad. We were hooked and watched them on YouTube or followed through the podcast app. Y’all have been a major player in his coming to Jesus! He has learned so much through y’all and even teaches me things about the Word which I love. We became members of an amazing church in the fall of 2021 and my son got to watch his daddy get baptized just a few days before Christmas- talk about a great Christmas present. Quinton has always been a truly great person. He has a servant’s heart like no other. He will help anyone without asking anything in return. I can’t even begin to explain the blessing Bowen and I have, of having him lead our family. He’s the best father and the best husband. He deserves so much more than I can give him this Father’s Day. But I know he would have the biggest smile just to hear from y’all!! We want to thank y’all for all you do for the Kingdom and drawing people to Jesus. Happy Father’s Day to y’all!! Blessed, Carlie

Love the show

I was recently made aware of this podcast and started following immediately. I laugh at the stories they tell and appreciate how down to earth and real these men are. They are not shy about speaking truth and letting their light shine for God.


Phil and Jase clearly have mental problems. Anyone who refuses to bathe for weeks at a time like Phil or cuts his own hair with dull scissors like Jase obviously has serious issues.

Positive and a blessing

Really love your pod cast, just wondering if you all ever noticed in the New Testament that the apostles never baptized in the Name (singular) of the father, son ,and of the Holy Ghost they always baptized in JESUS NAME and wolf you be willing to do segment on baptism and salvation.


Good podcast however I think they should change how they handle breaks. Too many times people are stopped mid sentence. Add the breaks in editing instead of cutting people off.

I LOVE this podcast

I love to mediate on GOD while doing my housework. The guys make me smile and even laugh out loud quite often.

Gods Soldiers

Cheers to Phil, Al, Jase and the rest. We are blessed to have your lessons on the gospel and the musings from your lives. Thank you for all you do.


Enjoy you vacation

A giant lady in Indiana is now saved.

I can’t thank these 3 angels enough. I stumbled upon this podcast one day while searching for a new true crime podcast to listen to. I always loved the “duck show” so I figured I’d give this a listen. Let me tell you the string of events that happened next were nothing short of miraculous. I began praying every day. I began to attend church. I began to read the Bible & my life was suddenly filled with joy, happiness and faith. I was baptized on April 23,2022 and for the first time in my 43 years of living, I KNOW I am worthy of Gods love! I struggled with feeling not worthy due to my upbringing in the LDS religion, because I sinned, I was never considered “worthy” of anything, not even Gods forgiveness. But I now know that was not true and I am here to scream from the rooftops that I have been saved and I am UNASHAMED!!! thank you Al, Jase and Phil for sharing your words with the world and for being a big part of the journey of this giant Indiana lady(I am 6’5” tall) being saved. I hope to one day thank you all in person❤️

Great reminders of how to really live!

Really enjoy this podcast . Love hearing their perspective and always going back to scripture and reminding us of things we may already know . But like their point of view on things . Your got a friend in Miami!


Why are they so anti-denominations when they all attend Whites Ferry Rd Church of Christ, and several are elders in the church? Does the church like the fact that they always say denominations are stupid?

A simple and practical instruction of faith.

So much on this podcast that wasn’t allowed to be shown on the TV show that made these guys famous. It is such a refreshing take on all things that are simple and sometimes that are highly intellectual. But always at some point of the show faith and religion is discussed but is in a way that is simple to understand and not lofty or something that you have to be very studied up on the Bible and religion to understand. I love it because it reminds me of growing up in the woods and hunting and all the things that these guys love to do and because it helps me move forward in life with my walk in faith and answers questions that I sometimes arrive at. Thank you guys for sharing your life and experiences and faith with us please keep up the good work!

Chasing Squirrels

I love listening to y’all and I really enjoy when you have Zach on. At times it may seem like you’re “chasing squirrels” on some points but, it always brings us back to the main point of topic. It’s easier to learn insights from like minded people.