I am not ashamed of the Gospel. What about you? ~Phil Robertson


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Godly Wisdom

I wish I could give this more than five stars. One thing we can never get enough of in this life is Jesus. The guys and any guest they bring on always deliver much needed truth. The only kind that really matters and comes from God. To borrow a question from Jase, “where is Jesus in this?” He is evident always.

Keep finger dry

My wife wore rubber gloves had same injury as Al

Zack is a great “sesquipedalian”!! 😊

Zack is a great “sesquipedalian”!! 😊 Let Jace ponder that. L O L 🥰 Love your podcast 🙇🏻‍♀️🙏🏼

Praise him

Started listening a week ago and I’m hooked!

Show is incredible!

Love these guys and their love for God. They are great teachers and I love learning from them. Also they always crack me up. Keep up the good work.


Best Christmas present is to be able with family binge watch season 1&2 then the start of 3

God is good!!

I started watching you guys since the early days of duck dynasty and fell off track back in high school and I came across you guys on YouTube and didn’t realize you guys made a podcast. I’m 28 now and honestly God is good cause I’m finally getting back to where God wants me all along and it’s tuff every day listening to ungodly stuff all day and I’ve been having a Bible study every time I listen to you guys! For example I didn’t know God literally gives us a step by step on how to actually be useful to him, You guys said in a recent episode about 2nd Peter 1: 5-11. These verses literally just blew my mind. I had no idea! So now I’m staying diligent and working from there!! Thanks again to God for blessing you guys to show his grace for me!! God bless Robertsons!!!

Five Stars

Your podcasts are top notch! You have helped me greatly with my faith. Thank you for all you do

Just what I needed!!

Thanks to YouTube showing me clips of this podcast I found it and started listening. It’s what I’ve needed something good to listen to that deepens my faith in a practical way by men at different points of there life that I can look to that points me to Jesus. Helps me to understand and laughs are a bonus!!

I’m Hooked

I play this podcast every other day when a new episode comes out. I also watch my fave episodes on YouTube, just for effect lol. My husband and I are big fans of the Robertson family. We are so grateful for the unfiltered, unashamed reading and application of God’s word.

I love the way they love Jesus

I love it listen to the stories, but more importantly the Bible deep dive. Phenomenal.

This is fantastic

You guys rock, and I love hearing God’s word during your podcast.


This is a good podcast to keep you engaged in the Word and even a laugh sometimes.

Thank you!

I have shared this podcast with many of my Christian brothers and sisters (including my hubby and son). I am ashamed and very grateful for celebrities who share their faith in such a way that you do! God bless you all! Blessings, your sister in Christ, Libby (Boston, MA)


This is a true insight as to where we as the church are in 2022. Thanks for all of the solid points that you shared to the believers and how we are to take the word to the lost outside the walls of a building.

Truth Discussion

I grew up with the same family dynamic. Thank You Jesus and family that stand up for him . Thank you for walking the walk.

Love it

Thankful for Godly Men discussing Gods word

True to the Word

What a show. Loved that I could watch the tv show with my family, but this podcast has blown me away. It has truly changed my spiritual walk completely. I had no idea how confused I was with Gods Word. I was a Pharisee and didn’t know it! I just trusted the “process” and didn’t ask many questions nor dig. Got saved then joined the religious crowd. I was wrong! The way y’all break down scripture has been the biggest blessing. How could a Christian of 25 years not realize that we are free from the law of Moses? How could a Christian of 25 years not realize that we are under a new covenant? I love Jesus more today than I ever have because I finally realize what He truly did for me (and mankind) on that cross!! Thank you guys so much !!! Keep sharing !!

Life Inspiring

Hilarious stories embedded in spiritual inspiration. A thorough breakdown of the Bible from an utterly common sense perspective that reminds modern believers, who are surrounded by the unnecessary complexity of “the church,” of the straightforward simplicity of God.

God is good

Keep up the great work !!!

Bonding spouses

My husband and I love to listen to this podcast in the car and especially as we sit down and do our homework or Bible study. This show has brought us closer together as we learn how to abide in Jesus and have an intimate relationship with Him. Through that, we have made it a priori to spend time together in prayer and in the word. We are unashamed and love this show soooo much. We both have said if we could just sit down for 15 minutes and have a conversation about Jesus with y’all it would be amazing! Thank you for being bold and unashamed about your love and faith for Christ and God’s people!

Food for my soul!

Bible first teachings, sweet family dynamic. So grateful to find people who love Christ as much as I do. When you experience Christ and have a firm foundation, you want others to find it too! So grateful for the Robertson family’s obedience to Christ! Keep preaching!!!

Fantastic Podcast

Thanks for all that you do, bring the word of our savior and being out spoken Christians. After watching Duck Dynasty, I really enjoyed seeing a nice clean show. This podcast has shown me more and more what great people you all are, this content is extremely lacking in our world. Keep up the great work. God Bless you all ✝️

Best podcast ever!

I started listening a week ago. I loved it so much I even went back to episode 1 and now I’m on 10. I bought Phil’s book, the one about the “Theft of America’s Soul”. I think Phil sounds and reminds me of my PapPaw. He recently passed away and he preached the Gospel for over 50 years. I love it how Phil, Jase and Al tells it like it is. The entire country or the world should be listening. Love how they get so deep into the Scriptures. Thank you for this podcast. Keep going. -Amber, a female audience member.

Thank you guys

Great podcast thank you guys for all the Bible references and being encouraging. ROLLTIDEROLL

Thank you

Love hearing the gospel from all of you. Need more programming on TV like your show Duck Dynasty!! Thank you for all you do for this country!!

Standing Strong

Standing up Godly ideals and principles. Being “unhinged” for Christ!

Thank you!

I may never get to shake your hands but thank you for all you do for the kingdom of God!

Perfect Pod Cast

I am always amazed at the amazing depth of their Bible study and thoughts on living a daily, victorious Christian life. At the same time Jase, Al, Phil, et al, are very interesting to listen to and very funny....at the apropriate times! All around, it is a wonderful git away from daily life where I can have a deep, meaningful Bible study. Thank you for your ministry. Larry from Texas


Precious Precious Precious 💋⚔️🦋