I am not ashamed of the Gospel. What about you? ~Phil Robertson


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Thank you!

Love this podcast! Thankful for truth being spoken. I listened to the episode with Allie Stuckey. So good and so rich. Thankful for you all using your platform to spread His word and truth. Super encouraging! Please continue to share your words of wisdom from Jesus!

Great Podcast

Love the Robertson family! Wonderful men and women of God


So thankful for this podcast. A refreshing combination of daily living for Christ, humor and Biblical insight. If you’re a believer, this will quickly become a daily listen!

Great Podcast!

Love the humor. Love the transparency. Love your guests and love your family! Most of all I love Phil’s no nonsense approach to life and his love for God and people. Keep up the great work advancing the Kingdom!

Real deal

These men are the real deal. They love all things pertaining to being a man. God, family and life. Least that’s how I see it. World needs more men that are chasing God. I love to listen to the podcast. I find it interesting and informative. Life and the word of God revealed in a get real way. I grew up in Arkansas so these fellas are not to far away to relate to. Keep the family together and keep doing what you do.

Mason Scott

Love the podcast keep it up

Wholesome, Entertaining & Faith Building !

I enjoy listening to this podcast and appreciate how these men are boldly living for the Lord. It feeds my faith and encourages me in my personal walk with Jesus. I like their funny stories and commentary on all aspects of life.

Amazing podcast

I love this podcast I listen to at school almost all day I’m 14 and trying. To change my life cause I’m not happy with how I wasn’t really close with god and. Ever sense I started listening to this podcast it’s been changing everything like. My emotions and just my overall mood I don’t feel as like sad and mad anymore.Also happy to say in a meaningful way I am unashamed of my lord and savior Jesus Christ trying to spread the gospel more

Why I love Unashamed

I have never been duck hunting and I live and work in an urban setting. I read The Bible everyday and attend church each week. Unashamed challenges me to live in this sin filled world the way that Jesus Christ would ask me to. I don’t always enjoy the warm up discussion but I always find meaningful instruction and Biblical insights once the discussion turns serious. Where else will you find real men, openly sharing their sins and their love of God?

5 inteligible words

Love God and Love Others


Why don’t Phil and jase get haircuts? They look silly and they always talk about men being men and women being women, and they both have women's hairdos.

Real people.

What I really like about this podcast (and the show Duck Dynasty) is it’s wholesome content. I have been let down so many times when finding content I enjoy, and quickly disappointed with the push of sex, drugs, and self worship. Thanks for providing content that can be shared with children, and believers who may be fragile in their spirit. I am unashamed!!!!


Awesome podcast

Thank you

Thank you for helping me get close to God.

Best podcast

Listen to this all the time! Road-trips, On my way! To work, before bed literally so good

God is unashamed

Another awesome show Jesus Christ is the way and the life

Thank you for this podcast

This show is a blessing. It has brought me back to prayer, closer to Christ and helped me to think in a positive manner. Thank you guys so much.


This blesses me beyond words can type. Thank you for broadcasting this podcast!! ~Rebekah

Warms my heart

I do enjoy listening to this podcast. You guys are very funny and I’m learning so much. You guys have a way of breaking down the Bible so we can all understand it a little better. Thank you! Luv all you guys. Alan, Jase, Phil!

God is unashamed

Phone medic fixes all you bad screen cracks


Like the title says, these guys are unashamed. Unashamed about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, unashamed to tell people about what Jesus can do in your life, unashamed to share stories of their past and their failures. I enjoy the familial banter in the beginning segments, and the deep conversations and scripture studies towards the end. Jovial, human, and real.

Thank you

Y'all teach the Bible in a way anyone can understand and easy to learn about Jesus. Your (everyone's) outlook on life is positive and encouraging.🙌🙏♥️


Thank you for always reminding us that we are to share with others no matter because that is what is commanded by our God.

Thank you Robertsons

I always check for a new unashamed before listening to any other podcast. If I have time for a podcast this is the one I’m gonna listen to! Love listening to Jase’s stories and his thoughts on the scripture. Phil has so much wisdom and I love his insights. Al and Zach always bring the show up a notch. I’ve learned so much from this family and I’m grateful. Bless y’all

Laid back Bible study

I enjoy the small talk at the beginning. I am closer to Christ and am a person who is slower to anger thanks to this Podcast.

The God bomb

Y’all are awesome thank you for your Godly teachings and making it fun to listen. You are truly a God sent family!! Keep up the awesome work!!

God is unashamed

Why most farms get barn cats and big farm dogs or or Donkeys

Funny with a great Bible lesson!!

I absolutely love listening to you all while I’m at work! Phil’s laundry stories crack me up!! Thanks for all you do to help my work day pass!!

Bring Faith In!!

Duck Dynasty is back!! Phil, Al, and Jase do so good keeping themselves true to God. Great job you guys!!


Someone, anyone, from the show listen to your podcast in your vehicle just once. The initial show title opener “I am unashamed, how bout’ you” is great but then the volume drops off bad. Listening in my Silverado I have to adjust the volume constantly. The video/YouTube version is fine.