I am not ashamed of the Gospel. What about you? ~Phil Robertson


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Great Lesson

Mr. Phil, Al and Jase, thank you for another Great teaching of the Bible. I believe if you three gentlemen were around during the time of the living Jesus you would have part of the The twelve that Jesus would have picked to spread the word. I can’t think of anyone who would not follow you to Christ.

Role models

Great role models of our time. I really miss duck dynasty.

Great Show

Have listen from episode #1 and just finished #333. It never disappoints. Glad you keep it going. Keep up the good work.

Great podcast

Only one complaint. Let Phil speak, you know who I am speaking too.

Awesome podcast

This is a great podcast! A lot of wisdom from these 3 men, my favorite part is the lessons from the Bible from Phil. This podcast really helps me to strengthen my hunger for the lord and encourages me and I thank you guys so much. Although I am young in my earthly life, only being here less than 20 years, I have struggled with sin but my conscience from god and this podcasts always brings me back to the lord. This podcast helped me to give my life to Jesus. When I was a toddler, my tent nearly died when I drowned but I saw the light at the end of a tunnel and I saw a shadow in the light I knew it was Jesus and he saved me and sent me back to earth and I am forever grateful for that.

Refreshing for the soul

Love this podcast! Just straightforward Jesus talk. If you want to know how to have eternal life, just listen. Plus there will be plenty of laughs along the way.

Not just for men

I’m a new “Philistine!” I love this show and play it on repeat while cooking, canning, cleaning in the kitchen. I laugh, I get new insight on scripture, and feel normal because these guys just bare their souls. We are none perfect and they say it often. So happy to call them all my brothers in Jesus. ❤️✝️❤️

The only podcast you’ll ever need!

Where can you find something your whole family can listen to, teaches you about Jesus, makes you laugh, and even talks of the stench of Phil’s clothes he didn’t wash for decades? Ladies and Gentlemen this is the only podcast you need!

Love love love

I love listening to Phil, his family and guests talk about everyday people talk and religion! Makes my heart smile ❤️

Blessings to hear daily walk with Christ!

These men bring it down to day to day walking with the love of the lord. Even to make it simple enough that a child can understand what is needed to know the creator, in a personal way. It truly blesses me to hear it!

Good for the soul!

Listening to the Robertson’s makes the day better and brings Jesus a little closer! Thank you Phil, Jase and Al!

Unashamed!! Very Refreshing!!

So glad I found Unashamed. Daily life experience with sound biblical teaching. You never know what you might hear, but it’s all Good!

Thank you.

This podcast is right on time. So wonderful to hear God’s word from people who love him so dearly. Great topics to make you think about your own walk with Christ. So thankful for the Robertson men. Keep fighting for the kingdom. ❤️

Just real!

I’m not much into the duck hunting/redneck side of it BUT I love the real people the Robertson’s are. They love Jesus, each other, all people, and their country and just don’t care whether you like them or not! They are real! And truly last out spot on Christ honoring bible discussions for the real world on these podcast. Have I’ve mentioned THEY ARE REAL?

Enjoyable and thought provoking!

Really enjoying the honesty and transparency that this family brought to TV shows.


I hope that I never hear Al and Phil ever refure to people of addiction meth heads ect. on the good side ground is being covered for the people they are reaching is incredible. Big Duck Dyn fan use to cry at the end when they prayed wishing my family had felt the same about Jesus as they did. This show and Duck commander with uncle Si does show they are a family with struggles and are human no better than us. Please keep up the good work. Watching YouTube just watch the Kathylee interview most excellent. Please pray for me ✝️

What a blessing

Such a treasure to tune into every day. I’m a woman (with a husband who hunts) and I enjoy listening to these guys. Feels like sitting at the dinner table with old friends, soaking up the Word. Love the podcast with Missy and Lisa - maybe start an Unashamed for Women podcast?? :) Keep up the good work, y’all are so appreciated.

Great Inspirational Insights

One of my FAVORITE podcasts!!! It is always Biblical and inspiring. This podcast is about the real life of a Christ follower. Thank you Phil, Jase, and Al for providing this source for Gods word and daily inspiration.


The fact that I could laugh during the stress of the Corona Virus 🦠, you guys are wonderful. Thank you is not enough. Please keep them coming. Another month of madness and death. I am glad that I could smile and pray along with all of you. Amen 🙏

Valuable Listening

Great podcast guys Jase metal detecting show should be called, Jase and Jep: finding treasures No matter if you find gold or coin, talking with others, hearing stories and sharing the Gospel is a Treasure!


I love these guys. I enjoy listening to their southern drawl and how they love God. I wish I was their neighbor

The best

My favorite podcast for many reasons but mainly because they combine all the right things!! Hunting, and Jesus plus you get a good laugh in here and there! The podcast that got me started listening to podcasts!

Great content

The best podcast out there. I never miss an episode

Essential tool for young people

This podcast is essential for all ages, but especially for young people. Not many young people have good, solid, older and wiser mentors anymore. Listening to these will instill truth in our lives because they take worldly problems and give biblical advice that is unwavering on how to deal with it.

Good stuff


Only two episodes

I’ve never listened to any podcasts until a last night. I was working a night shift as I am tonight. I work a 12 hour rotating shift with one other guy. Most of the time we’re in two different areas of the building. So I started listening to these podcasts to get me through my night shift. Let me tell y’all this! By God this podcast has changed my way of thinking and I’ve only listened to two podcasts! Y’all got me hooked! I’m a firm believer in our Lord and Savior and just listening to the stories and the way y’all talk it’s amazing! Thank you for doing these podcasts!


This is a fantastic podcast to dig in on your faith for anyone in the family! Men, women, and children! 10/10! They BEAUTIFULLY annotate the scriptures so that anyone can understand!

Love this podcast

I have not been able to really enjoy podcasts. This one keeps my attention and is very up-lifting. Just honest real people talking about their love for God. Common sense that I can understand. Really has gotten me away from listening to garbage to pass the time.

Best podcast of all time

I am a truck driver and I’m always looking for new things to listen to basically to keep me alert or awake. I started listening to this podcast a long time ago and I just want to say thank you and god bless you guys’ I always find myself impatiently waiting for the new episodes to come out. I love the podcast and I love the Robertson family y’all are truly a blessing to the kingdom!


I love this podcast but do they not review anything anything before they post it. This is the second podcast where you only hear al talking and no one else. Then they have posted the same podcast numerous times with the wrong title l.