I am not ashamed of the Gospel. What about you? ~Phil Robertson


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Can only hear Al in 317

I love this podcast but in episode 317, we can only hear Al speaking!

Awesome podcast

Love you guys and thanks for preaching the word! Episode 317 isn’t working properly, can only hear Alan.

# Louisiana duck hunting

This is an awesome podcast keep it up

You are like family!

Love you guys! I truly enjoy all that’s discussed from the Bible. You guys make me laugh every podcast also. I’d love the chance to meet you all one day, but I know I will one day when we are with Jesus❤️ A Sister from Illinois

Episode 315

Excellent Excellent Excellent discussion in episode 315. Thank you fellow rednecks.

Keepin it real

This some downhome conversation, guaranteed to bless you. Thank you gentlemen for keepin it simple and real. Unashamed podcast encourages me and builds up my faith. Even here in Portland Or.

Great podcast

Finally found a good, authentic podcast


this podcast lead me to building my relationship with Jesus our Savior! I’m forever thankful for this Family! Hope this never ends! ❤️

Unleashed & Unvarnished

The Robertsons are authentic, most importantly. You’ll hear about life in the outdoors, a little politics, and a lot about the Gospel. In fact, after listening to too many political podcasts, I tuned to Unashamed to feed my spirit. The podcasts makes me smile, read my Bible, and pray. Thanks, gentlemen.

Best podcast for your every-day walk with the Lord

I love listening to Phil, Jase, and Al Robertson every week! Their discussions on faith, Jesus, studying the Bible, and looking at our world through a godly lens have helped me in my walk with Christ. I feel like I can just sit back, relax with a nice cup of coffee, and enjoy listening to these three godly men have a chat about the eternal truths in life that matter. Even if you’re unfamiliar with Duck Commander or Duck Dynasty, you should seriously give this podcast a try. I think you’ll be blessed!

Great podcast!

This is such a good, encouraging podcast. I laugh out loud at the stories and Robertson humor. It is like sitting with highly entertaining friends who also are wise encouragers in the Lord. Thank you Robertsons for being Unashamed!


I really appreciate you all taking time to do the podcasts. I know you don’t have too. I am truly blessed by them. I am a 50 year born again Christian that didn’t deserve Jesus. All of us have questions, low times, tough life challenges. I won’t bore you with mine only to say God is so good even when you are suffering. Especially then. Thanks again for letting all of us know there is hope, redemptive hope in Jesus Christ. Stay strong. Bob North Lebanon, Missouri

Redneck Review

I don’t know if you call women rednecks or not, but I guess I can self proclaim that I AM Redneck too. Living in Southwest Virginia in the Appalachian Mountains about 60 miles from Bristol, VA/TN. I’ve been watching the podcast for a few months and if you can’t get that Jesus is the only way to get outta here and still live by listening or watching this podcast there’s something wrong. I’m Blessed to call you all My Brothers in Christ. Keep doing what you’re doing… And thank you all for the Bible study which makes learning The Word fun and easy to hold onto those words, especially when you think you’re at the bottom and there’s no where else to go. Jesus Loves Us All in Our own messes and he’s will always be there to lift us up!

Great podcast

Great podcast

Best podcast, hands down

Great stories, great Bible study, awesome people! Keep it up Robertson’s!

Exactly what America needs!

As a Christian, the toughest struggle in this country is to not succumb to the worldly, unGodly mindset. This podcast helps me to recenter and refocus what we really are “doing here!” God’s work, and His will, will be done, we are the stewards to help spread the Good News!

Jep’s mama’s favorite

Had to buy Jeps mama’s favorite firework because the one with Jase on it was 10$ more. Sorry brother. Jeps was awesome family loved it. You guys inspire me to be a better Christian. Thank you.

Love your podcast!

My son-in-law turned me on to your podcast and I have really enjoyed listening to them. I enjoy the personal stories, the friendly banter between everyone, but mostly I appreciate the spiritual aspect of the podcast. It’s a blessing to me. I started listening from Episode 1; and after 2 months, I’ve been able to get to Episode 182. Can’t wait to catch up to the current podcast. Thank you for your ministry! -Rhonda from Chattanooga, TN


Thanks guys for being biblical, I appreciate your faith and the boldness. I would recommend comparing the King James Bible and any new version even the 1984 NIV and I think y’all would be pretty surprised.. God bless!


Truth made plain. This is the best podcast ever.


This family has my unconditional love and support. From the first time i saw them come together at the dinner table to give thanks to the lord to the preaching and everything they do on their podcast now. The values they follow is what I’m trying to instill in my household. Much love and may God bless you and all your family.


Awesome hardcore CHRISTIANS!!

So relatable

I’ve just recently found this podcast after watching Jase and his wife on a Chosen interview. I love the funny stories and the godly witness. I’m trying to go through all the episodes for the Bible studies - perfect companions as I work in the garden, paint, and do other chores.


Being unashamed is a very clean feeling. Imagine having something you are not clear about explained in a way that clearly helps you understand what you needed to know. Phil, Al and Jase Robertson bring answers to you questions from enough directions that assist you in clearly understanding what you believe. They warmly answer the questions Jesus wants us to know about loving our neighbors. You can’t get better family information than what you receive from this family. And thank you for the wonderful way you dealt with Carol.


I listen to this podcast every night. I am currently going through a divorce and it makes me feel comforted. Thank you!

Love these guys!

Phil or Jase, I would love a day duck hunting or fishing with you guys. That would be awesome. Loved the show and what you guys stand for.

5 out of 5!!!!

What I love about this podcast is they are not changing the context or meaning of the Bible to fit they’re own agenda like you see today with progressive churches. They are very scripture based, and because of that you get what the text actually means rather than what people want it to be about. They don’t change the scripture, they explain it.

Awesome podcast

I’ve been listening for a year now and I have been enjoying the Lord more because of these brothers. I think they really bring some reality and simplicity in a world where Christians can be divisive and rule-oriented. Jesus is Lord and I am unashamed!


When listening to the “Unashamed” podcast, I know I am going to hear truth…God’s truth. Hearing the fellas share their life experiences and how their relationship with Christ has given them eternal hope, gives me assurance that I am not alone, when I read in the Bible of that same eternal hope in Christ. I appreciate their laughter and have laughed right along with them! This podcast warms my heart and I look forward to each new one!

You are real people in Christ , thank you

Thank you for not bowing down to cancel culture, real Christians only bow down to God Almighty. Love your podcasts and passion for our Lord and Savior