I am not ashamed of the Gospel. What about you? ~Phil Robertson


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Powerful messages

These guys are on topic for what this Society is need of.


Wholesome clean fun. Nothing but open honest discussion that everyone can get something from.

Thank you

Live the Robertson family!!! Thank you for speaking the truth and preaching God’s word. Your podcast has helped me so much. God bless you all


These guys are genuine followers of Jesus whose wise words are Holy Spirit inspired.

Robertson’s and God

It’s a pleasure to listen to these podcasts knowing everyday life in the South is found in biblical passages. I’m stunned at how well the fellows know the good book and how deep they can go into the meaning.

Bless your family

Your ministry has impacted me greatly. Thank you and God bless

Thank you!

Victory over sin and living for the lord, not myself.

Change of Perception

I have been a Phil Robertson fan since Inwas a small child. I grew up watching the old school duck commander VHS tapes. Since listening to this podcast I have began to have a different & greater understanding of the universe & how i perceive it. Walking a righteous path is the most rewarding thing I have chosen to do with my life. P.S. .. I am from AR & need to drive to LA for a Ouachita River Baptism ! Plz contact me !

Thank you!!

Thanks for all y’all do.

Thank you

Thank you for this podcast. Thank you for speaking truth and above all preaching the saving grace of the gospel.

So inspiring

This family has inspired me to be a better person and Christian. I listen to every podcast and just love the wisdom of these guys. They’re so real using real life instances and apply the Word. They are hilarious and make ya want to be a better person. I’m learning so much about the Bible listening to these guys. Keep doing what your doing Guys!!!!

Love this podcast!

I Enjoy the stories, the studying the Word, and the time these guys take to share the truth of the gospel by living out real testimonies.

The real deal

If you are one of those who have been jaded by what you believe to be “hypocritical religious pontifications”, listen to this podcast. This is the real deal friends. Just sitting around the living room talking about how much they love Jesus and how God has transformed worldly sinners to forgiven, relatable, brothers in Christ and how living in Jesus relates to their everyday life experiences.

Pure Phil Robertson

This is an excellent podcast by a family that loves God and loves everyone. Their faith shows through their good deeds towards their fellow man. Give them a try, I think you’ll find them worth your time, and come away a better person, armed with the truth of the Holy Spirit.

One of the best podcast out there

After finding the podcast / show with episode about Phil’s daughter, I have listened to or watched every episode. Love their banter, love for one another and love for the Lord!!!

Just awesome love it

Just briliyant podcast. I listen to every day very well done. Thank you.

Robertson family

Thank you so much for this podcast,I’m what you may call a northern redneck.I live in the very north region of New Jersey,bordering NYS.I’ve been through many trials and am now returning to Christ as a Christian.

Love it!

Great discussions about the Bible and funny family conversations. Most of all, kudos for pointing people to Jesus, our only true hope in these last days.


I support and respect these men. I appreciate their message. Keep it up.

Best of the best

A very enjoyable podcast. Very informative. Presented so everyone can understand


Just started listening a few months ago. I cant tell who is hosting other than Phil and Jase. You introduce guest speakers.

Fabulous, and to honest….

Just fabulous, and to be honest… I’ve never seen an episode of Duck Dynasty, but had the impression these guys were just a bunch of knucklehead duck hunters in the same vein as Honey Boo Boo (whatever that is) 🙄 But these guys are sharp, interesting Christian humanitarians, who happen to be funny, politically conservative, and have a great message. I lucked into the Robertsons’ podcast in search for a Christian series. Dumb luck … or most likely.. the hand of God led me to give it a listen. Surprised and Blessed. Thanks Duck Guys!

Good for the soul

I am beyond grateful that I found and started listening to this podcast! I’ve always been a fan of Duck Dynasty, but never knew how much more I’d love this family after hearing these podcasts. Such inspiring and uplifting words for such turbulent times. I needed this so badly…and I literally feel like it saved my life. Thank-you Phil, Al and Jase!

The truth

I don’t think having your house stolen is as rampant of a problem as they want us to believe. Also, the podcast is entertaining, but I take everything they say with a grain of salt because the Bible they use is pretty watered down. It’s clear they all like to embellish quite a bit, especially Jase. I don’t believe 95% of the stories he tells about all the crazy situations he gets involved in.

I just can’t stop listening to

The best pod cast ever


I love the podcast and their knowledge of the Bible , both have really helped in my walk with Jesus

Thank you for the blessings

Listening to you all.. is a blessing. Everyday I try to listen. Thank you for the laughs but mostly I love sharing a Bible study with you. As Phil says, “Love God first, love your neighbor and do your best❤️”.

I met Al and Lisa in Ocean City,NJ

I want to thank you very much for sharing your story. It was sad but very inspiring how the both of you overcame everything and stayed happily married. Everything I learned Saturday 8/28/21 I will use everything second of my life to strengthen my marriage. Thank you very much and God Bless you

11 year old girl is obsessed

So I just found this by chance and I have been watching duck dynasty non stop like literally I am obsessed! So I was super excited when I found this and I am a big fan! Ps. I am the 11 year old girl.

Great podcast and thanks

Great podcast and thanks for the great work.