I am not ashamed of the Gospel. What about you? ~Phil Robertson


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The Truth. Simple as that.

We are all flawed and not perfect. This podcast presents the good message not for personal gain rather following the biblical command given to go forth and spread the gospel.

It’s amazing

Best podcast out there god family hunting and politics! The Robertson family is amazing.

Thank you!!!!

Thank you so much for your podcast. It’s the closest I’ve been to church in over a year. I am unable to find a church that teaches the pure Word of God. God bless all of you and your families.

Favorite Podcast Ever

I loved Duck Dynasty. Was curious so I went to hear Phil Robertson preach. What Phil and his family speaks is the truth-no apologies, no exceptions-they will tell you the story of Jesus. The podcasts are fantastic. A little humor and a lot of Jesus!

Family ties

I love listening and watching Mr Phil and his family. You all bring to light so much to me and help me understand a lot of things biblical and personal strength through your podcast. I enjoy listening to you three at work it keeps my mood light and encouraging throughout the day. Thank you for being who you are and sharing your stories and love with all of us.

My favorite

Love their podcasts ❤️

So Much Good!

I love these guys! Listening to them is like sitting around a campfire with your lifelong best friends. If you need your heart lifted, a smile on your face, come sit by the fire with Phil, Jase and Al.

Thanks guys

I love Jesus, hunt, and fish. This podcast has been a catalyst in my daily devotional while I’m out working. I appreciate the open, unwavering commitment to share the gospel and study the word.


I just like to say glory be to God I love Jesus

Enjoyed their TV show, enjoying their podcast

Keep spreading truth and tell your interesting stories!

Blesses me every time

If you aren’t listening regularly, you should.

Laugh, Insight, Faith

I enjoy Phil and his family sharing who they are and the source of their strength.


Start listening and help me come out of a dark place. Been stressed about work, money and the world. I finally gave it to god and have been at ease. Keep it up, you guys a reaching people.

Absolutely great and relatable

So good to hear people speak in a down to earth way that everyone can understand. Also nice to hear some good southern Bible discussion, makes me proud to be a Christian and to be from the south.

The Best truth telling EVER

My all time number one favorite podcast.. They keep it real and tell the truth..


Phil, AL, and Jase put the word of God in a new way like I’ve never heard before. Down to earth for us good old boys! Wouldn’t mind a duck hunt to have some duck blind spiritual talk.

Awesome stuff

Love the practical application of scripture and raw honest discussion

BEST Podcast anywhere!

Consistently uplifting and encouraging! Thank you for this labor of love may God bless all of you

Awesome Truth!!

Discovered this podcast almost by accident! It was a God thing! Thank you so much for speaking the truth of Jesus on my level! Greatest podcast of Hope in some very trying times. Your open honesty is so refreshing! Thank you!!

My daily go too

This is my got to for a daily break from this crazy world. Guys do a good job of breaking things down so a simple mind like myself can understand.


We are enjoying the podcasts of Unashamed. We are technically challenged here in Northern MN and stumbled upon these Youtube podcasts by accident. God's hand was in this. We watch almost every night -- alternate with dog training videos. PS we are avid duck hunters in Northern MN. We get them moving along in the fall for youALL in Louisiana come January.


There are not many people on this earth that I hold in high esteem. This family falls into that catagory. Their unorthodox ways of sharing the love of Jesus is reaching millions. I thank my Lord every day for lifting them out of the obscurity of the back woods into world fame. I don't think that's what A & E had in mind when they took on the Robertson family. Our God sure works in mysteries ways. Thank you Robertson family and thankyou Jesus for using them in such a powerful way. Dennis Oliver

Duck Blind Podcast plz

Heard you guys say we should’ve recorded that duck blind conversation. I think that’s a great idea record in da duck blind and then if you get something good splice that into your podcasts.

Favorite podcast!

I have been so encouraged listening to this podcast! Keep standing on the word of God while not thinking to highly of yourselves! Jesus is the answer to everything

Thank you

I have listen to the pod for several weeks. Playing catch up on all episodes. I love how you all explain your take on the Bible, it so awesome. It helps me on understanding it a little more. I have recently binged watch all the season of duck dynasty. It’s people like you all that will help change the world! You guys & your all’s family are great. Thank you

The gospel

Thank you y’all for sharing your faith

My favorite

When everything in the world seems crazy you can count on this podcast to get your priorities straight and make you realize what really matters. So much common sense. And it always comes back to Jesus. I always feel better after listening. Thanks guys!

Love it!

I have greatly enjoyed this podcast. Y'all have encouraged and challenged me to be unashamed of my gracious savior Jesus Christ. God Bless from Southern California!

My favourite podcast!

I listen to Phil and the guys most nights when I go to bed.

Riverbank Theology

Riverbank theology describes this perfectly. Scripture come to everyday life.