I am not ashamed of the Gospel. What about you? ~Phil Robertson


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This a GREAT Podcast.

I recently found this podcast, and I can’t quit listening. It’s funny, faith building, and just real. My new favorite!

Thank you

I was brought the truth of the gospel 30 years ago by my husbands grandfather who was a preacher of a small bible based church. After his passing, we have continued to host our own bible studies and prayers in our home with our family as we found that traditional churches seemed to stray from the truth. We have used your podcasts to build our faith in the brotherhood/sisterhood of Gods truth and to support us during our time here on the earth. You all have built us up and we are so grateful to have the technology to know that there are others like us and like-minded in the spirit. When I hear Phil, it is like I am hearing grandpa again through his teachings and furvent knowledge of the Bible. I cannot wait to meet you all when God returns for us. Thank you for standing up for what is right and true. I am a nurse and my husband is a law enforcement officer. We know this world is full of evil and we strive to protect our children and family through our faith in God. (Our basset hounds name is Silas 😊) You all have had a tremendous influence on our spirits and our continued faith. Much love and prayers, Carrie Eppens Lincoln, Nebraska


You guys are really awesome. In this day and age of craziness it’s nice to hear some common sense being spoke through my speakers. Hey fellas still loving the podcast. Don’t forget that PETA also stands for People Eating Tasty Animals.

My family Love’s the Robertson’s !!!

Ducks, Jesus and TRUTH!!!!! That’s what you get here, along with some good redneck comedy !!!!! :-))))


So glad I finally got into podcast and found my fav duck dynasty men! Love listening to them while I relax in the bath after a long day, everything they talk about lines up with my views on life, love growing stronger into my faith and having people I like talk about such positive wholesome thoughts during a time the world seems so chaotic.

The best podcast ever

What a great podcast. I learn something every time I listen. The boys have very good insight of the Bible with great analogies and perspectives. Very entertaining too.


Love you all! And jase I really love your stories and greatly appreciate your Christian walk but you do tend to interrupt al and Phil when I would like them to finish their thought. But I was floored when al was trying to pay tribute to rush Limbaugh and you interrupted and cut him off 😢

God bless the Robinsons

I had found this podcast back in the fall and it has really changed my life. I’ve learned so much that I didn’t know about the Bible and continue to learn and I have the Robertson’s to thank for that. Thank you 🙏🏻


I love this podcast! Such an encouragement!

These podcasts are awesome

This podcast has gotten me so much closer to God. God bless you.

All of them

Sharing God’s love and love of others!! Keep on guys!! Amazing job!

The anecdote to all your troubles

This is the most refreshing uplifting podcast out there.


I love the podcast! It helps with my everyday walk with Christ and strengthens it

Best podcast I ever there is

Hey ya’ll I have been listening to your podcast. Jase your my favorite I have watched your video about making frog legs and I was wondering if you could send me frog legs cause I am only 13 and I live in the west, and they just look delicious. P.s my name is Tyvan

Unashamed podcast

I absolutely LOVE these podcasts!!! I listen to them while training for my half-marathon races. During such turbulent times its so nice to hear famous people who aren’t afraid to share their faith and experiences. PLEASE keep sharing the love of Jesus!!!

Could listen every day

I could listen every day. No other podcast like it. God bless you all who put this together and all who listen.

Like no Other

Thank you Duck Dynasty Family for this awesome podcast. It really is great show with plenty of laughs. I appreciate that fact you all continue to spread Gods message to all those willing to receive it.

Thank you

You save me everyday.

Exactly what I was hoping for and needed!!!

I started listening several weeks ago and loved the format and content!!! Scripture, lessons, stories, laughter! 2011 I gave my life to Jesus! Best decision I ever made and so grateful for the rescue! You make the Bible understandable and relatable. Would love my oldest to listen as well but I try to dribble as much on him as he allows. Decided recently that much like binge watching a series I am binge listening from the beginning. Quite the undertaking but trying to get in 5 episodes a day!!! AND taking notes...my own Bible study! From the bottom of my heart thank you so much! Hope to meet y’all someday! ❤️🙏

Great podcast!

I am a first generation farmer in Alabama. You can check us out on the Farmer Hunt YouTube channel. I listen to your podcast regularly while I work. Always enjoy what y’all have to say. Thanks for the shout out to farmers in episode 213. Keep up the good work!

This is an amazing podcast

This is very uplifting and makes me want to grow spiritually in my faith and makes me want to help people in need so I recommend.❤️😘👍

Good to know....

That regardless of what is happening around us, we serve a God who is in control.

Two podcasts same content

Your podcast titled tattoos and stock market has same content as the one before about last duck hunt. Thought you may want to fix. One podcast we never got. Otherwise I enjoy them all. Keep it up! God bless!

Love these guys!!!

Loved their duck dynasty show. Not often you find a show that’s not immoral. They are wonderful! And to find that they have a podcast is the icing on the cake!

Politefully disagree

I love your podcast

South Carolina


Inspiration for the common man

I find inspiration in the sharing of the Word of God in this podcast. Give it a listen. God’s word can change your life.

Great biblical podcast

This podcast has made me want to live a better life and become a better Christian. I pray that God shows me the path He wants me to walk on, and this podcast with Jase, Al, and Phil gives me the encouragement and direction to strive to walk on God path. I highly recommend for anyone in any walk of life to listen to this podcast to receive the encouragement and hear great preaching of the Bible. This podcast has become part of my daily life and I have hope to live a better life and lead others to Jesus.

Big Fan

This is a great listen

Duck hunters wife!

I love you gentlemen!! Our date the weekend before our marriage was duck hunting at a refuge!! As Christians, we agree with you: church is wherever two or three are gathered together! Even in the blind! We too,have trouble with the organized church. Season is over. Back to reality! We belong to a club in the Central Valley of Calif. uggg. California...Hollister gun club!! Frank and I have been married 57 yrs and still going strong! Blessings to all of your families!!