I am not ashamed of the Gospel. What about you? ~Phil Robertson


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Good job

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Awesome podcast!

I first listened to this podcast more out of curiosity. I tolerated the few shows of Duck Dynasty that I watched. They had funny moments and were “good” people. But it was a bit “silly” at times. This podcast is NOT the same. The Robertson’s are men of God who truly want to share Christ through their daily lives. Give it a couple of weeks and see if you don’t get hooked. My blood pressure goes down every time I listen and my faith goes up!

Well put together!

So much truth!

Great show!

Haven’t missed a show since the start. Great stuff! Gotta have Dallas back! Soon! Great show.

Top Notch Humans

I absolutely love the boldness with which this family shares the gospel. In today’s world, that takes a lot of courage. I know for a fact it has encouraged me to be more bold in my walk of faith!

A Spiritual Blessing

Enjoy listening and it truly lifts my spirits.

Thank you!

I try to keep up on the news through podcasts. And it makes me anxious and sad in the direction the United States is headed. But when I listen to your podcasts and learn about god and having faith in him.... it eases my mind and soul. Thank you for speaking out about god and his message. ♥️


I listen.

Best Podcast!

Love these guys. If you are looking for a podcast with substance I would highly recommend listening to them.

Love this show

I love the show! They have a sponsor called Black Rifle Coffee. Holy cow the coffee is good! I like my coffee strong but flavorful. The snipers hide? Is my favorite.

I am so grateful for your example

My family watches some form of your family every Sunday. At first my family thought your show was ok and put up with me watching/bing watching. Now my kids will put on the show themselves. I am trying to introduce them to the podcast so they can see your testimonies. I read a lot of your books and feel God is with you in your missionary work. We all, no matter what religion of Christ, need to help bring souls to him. To help them feel the love of God so they can know their worth and have happiness in this life. So many are walking through this life with burdens/sins they don’t even know they are carrying. Once they are truly converted their weight is lifted they know and feel true happiness. Your family is bringing souls to Christ and I know God is grateful for your service. I am trying to find my role in God’s ministry and helping those I am around find him. A lot of this desire (before, I was scared) is from y’all’s example. Thanks so much!


No offense, but in EVERY podcast, one of the Robertson brothers ALWAYS laughs. Usually, I wouldn't mind that, but my goodness, this person laughs at everything! It really takes away the enjoyment of the show when he laughs constantly. Love the show, just hope you can get that person to not laugh constantly. I actually stopped listening becuz of it. Hope you see my message here. Again, I really enjoy the show!!


I love your podcasts because you are all so humble. I feel like I’m listening to friends share their faith and flaws so that we all can learn together. I like listening to different preachers but with your family it’s different. It’s like being at home with friends. I laugh and cry sometimes but it’s all good. Again, thank you. Keep your podcasts coming! You are helping a lot of people. My best to all the family! God bless! Marie - High Point, NC

Great show!!

I own a lawn care business and I am also a youth pastor. Once I discovered this podcast I began binge listening to everyone of the shows and within a month I have listened to at least 100! Great show and great guys! I listen will I’m working and their insight helps in some of my biblical studies for sermons.


Good stuff!!


I have been listening to Unashamed on YouTube and just came over to iTune to listen to some episodes I have missed. Phil and others (sons, daughters-in-law, and other guests) bring wonderful personal insights, as well as pertinent Bible scriptures. Many times they relate comical real episodes of family members. Very entertaining and much evidence of faith are presented.

Flat out honest

Don’t listen if you don’t want the flat honest truth. Cut to the chase and hear the gospel.

Breath of Fresh Air

Awesome podcast! Great people with an amazing message. Their stories are also hilarious! Keep it up!

I love this podcast.

I listened almost every day. I haven’t missed an episode since I picked the podcast up last October. Great work guys.

Factual Bible discussions peppered with great stories and humor!

Have absolutely fallen in love with the Unashamed podcast and with the Robertson’s ability to discuss the Bible and how it relates to our lives today. They give facts and speak truthfully about the Bible, and I think it resonates so deeply because they’re not trying to get listeners to participate in any sort of financial gain for themselves, but rather, to get us to trust the Word of God and to seek and know Jesus.

Jase’s t-shirts

Love this podcast I wanna know where Jase gets his Christian t-shirts


Love this.


It’s truly an inspirational pod cast, their are times when I’m feeling low and I put on this pod cast and it turns my frown into a smile..


I think god gave you guys this platform to spread the word glad I can be apart of the ride

Thank you

Thank you so much y’all brought me so much closer to god I was beginning to veer from the center path to heaven.

One of my favorite podcasts

I listen to a lot of podcasts every week, and this is one of my favorites. Multiple episodes a week can be difficult to get through if I get behind, but it’s definitely worth it. I enjoy the life stories and the biblical lessons/questions every time. And in defense of Jase, I don’t think he interrupts very much (like everyone else seems to say).

I love this podcast

This podcast is amazing and I love helping my mom and listening to it. I recommend reading 1 Timothy 2 especially verses 12-15 before you listen to this podcast. 👍👍👍

Love this podcast.

I don’t want to miss any!! Why can’t I access episode 21?


I listen in my truck on long drives throughout the work day. It’s a great way for me to keep the Lord at the forefront of my mind. Thank you