I am not ashamed of the Gospel. What about you? ~Phil Robertson


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Awesome hardcore CHRISTIANS!!

So relatable

I’ve just recently found this podcast after watching Jase and his wife on a Chosen interview. I love the funny stories and the godly witness. I’m trying to go through all the episodes for the Bible studies - perfect companions as I work in the garden, paint, and do other chores.


Being unashamed is a very clean feeling. Imagine having something you are not clear about explained in a way that clearly helps you understand what you needed to know. Phil, Al and Jase Robertson bring answers to you questions from enough directions that assist you in clearly understanding what you believe. They warmly answer the questions Jesus wants us to know about loving our neighbors. You can’t get better family information than what you receive from this family. And thank you for the wonderful way you dealt with Carol.


I listen to this podcast every night. I am currently going through a divorce and it makes me feel comforted. Thank you!

Love these guys!

Phil or Jase, I would love a day duck hunting or fishing with you guys. That would be awesome. Loved the show and what you guys stand for.

5 out of 5!!!!

What I love about this podcast is they are not changing the context or meaning of the Bible to fit they’re own agenda like you see today with progressive churches. They are very scripture based, and because of that you get what the text actually means rather than what people want it to be about. They don’t change the scripture, they explain it.

Awesome podcast

I’ve been listening for a year now and I have been enjoying the Lord more because of these brothers. I think they really bring some reality and simplicity in a world where Christians can be divisive and rule-oriented. Jesus is Lord and I am unashamed!


When listening to the “Unashamed” podcast, I know I am going to hear truth…God’s truth. Hearing the fellas share their life experiences and how their relationship with Christ has given them eternal hope, gives me assurance that I am not alone, when I read in the Bible of that same eternal hope in Christ. I appreciate their laughter and have laughed right along with them! This podcast warms my heart and I look forward to each new one!

You are real people in Christ , thank you

Thank you for not bowing down to cancel culture, real Christians only bow down to God Almighty. Love your podcasts and passion for our Lord and Savior

My fav podcast

Hey guys, I think ep. 301 & 302 are the same? I might be wrong. Keep em coming!


This podcast spreads happiness and makes all people happy happy happy


The best podcast out there. I get so tired of all the hate in the USA, and these boys are just the opposite. God Bless these boys and this country we call America.

Love you all!

I truly look forward to listening to y’all. You make my day a little brighter every time I listen. Thank you! My 4 year old likes watching on YouTube.

Best podcast

Never was a podcast listener until this was recommended. Love the honest presentation of the Gospel plus great stories.

One of my favorite feedings of the Day. God is Awesome

I so love watching and listening to the Christian beliefs and fun stories on your podcast! Doing what God put in your path. This is most certainly part of my feeding of the day. Love you all ❤️

Awesome and very spiritually satisfying

I absolutely love to listen to this podcast while I work. It was because of this podcast I re-dedicated my life to Christ. Thank you so much.

Thank y’all

This is a big help for a redneck outcast like me. I’ve been called uncle si jr more than I like to admit. But, I’m a born again believer. These guys have helped me every day to be a better father, son and Christian. Keep it up, boys

Name for Jases Show

Louisiana Land Pirates


Truthful, inspiring, entertaining. I love this podcast! I listen when I’m gardening, driving or doing my chores and it keeps me entertained while helping me understand a biblical, Godly response to world issues as well as teaches me! My toddler falls asleep within minutes of turning it on, so thank you for that too! 😂

Thank you!

Just wanted to say thank you for this podcast, I listen everyday. I love the Robertson’s and they have always helped me a lot. I didn’t have much of a father figure growing up. Phil Robertson came to my church years ago and spoke and it really affected me. I got his book and started studying the Bible more and more. There are not very many strong Christian men out there, I’m so blessed that God sent Phil to me all the way out in California. I will always keep you guys in my prayers! Keep fighting the good fight! Thanks again. Jon

Greatest podcast

The greatest podcast. Talking about faith! So great to have this. Phil Robertson is a very WISE man and America needs more of that. Al and Jase are great on there too. Great to listen to. I listen to it every morning.

Thank you!

Just found this podcast recently and I’m thankful for your ministry and humor and joy! Melanie

1st episode

I just listened to the first episode and for some reason it just made me cry. I’m excited to continue to listen to this podcast. Hopefully learn more about Jesus.

Best podcast ever!

I’ve learned more about the Bible and Jesus from this podcast then I have anywhere else. Such a blessing to be able to learn about Jesus and life topics in general from these guys. Thank you!!!

Great Family

Family is as great in person as you see on TV. My family was personally involved with the business for some time. Live what they yeah and teach what they live

My favorite Podcast…

This has become my favorite podcast to listen to…love the wit and wisdom and the Word of God in each one.

Really encouraging!

They bring biblical points and experiences into daily life! That you for what you guys do! Has helped me a hard time!

Love it!!

Last week I found the Unashamed podcast and have been listening everyday. I love how they weave their everyday experiences into teaching the Bible and it’s relevance back to our lives. The conversation is very down to earth and I look forward to hearing what they have to say next.


Listening to you guys are so encouraging to hear each day it really means a lot,keep up the good work by being the unashamed men of God that you all are❤️🇺🇸


One of the best!