I am not ashamed of the Gospel. What about you? ~Phil Robertson


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Wisdom and wit

Right on, brothers! Keep the Good News coming.

Amazing Gospel presentation

What an amazing gospel from men who my son relates to. I am sharing this with all three of my boys. May the Lord bless your families for this ministry.

Life changing... literally.

I strongly encourage you to try listening to these fellas. Discussing the Word of God along with redneck hi jinx. I hope the episodes never end.

My Favorite Podcast 🙌🏽

I am one of the women listeners! Listen to the podcast to and from work and always get a blessing out of each podcast! Thank you!


Biblical truth delivered in gentleness and love


It is a podcast I have kept up with and am listening to old episodes. So good and it is smooth and easygoing. Flawless transition from regular talk to the Gospel true light in this world. Living up to the mission the Lord gave “ 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations,(A) baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,(B) 20 and teaching(C) them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you(D) always, to the very end of the age.”(E)” Matthew 28:19-20

Listening and Loving

I’ve been listening now for a couple of months. I love that you bring in your personal experiences and lives, then you turn it around spiritually and end with an encouraging Word. Comical yet thought provoking! Love it!!!


Godly men talking about Jesus so you can understand it

One of the best.

Can’t believe it took me so long to find this podcast. 4 episodes in and it’s become one of my favorites.

Real life examples

Thanks for sharing such intimate stories of your lives and faith in our Lord!

Thank you

What I listened to today is exactly what happened in my life and needed to hear this. Thank you for all your work.

Entertaining with a solid dose of Truth

I find my self entertained by these guys and their stories. But I particularly have enjoyed their guest content from some really amazing people. If I had the time, I would listen to the podcasts of some of the people hosted as well. The best part about the podcast, is the time spent discussing the Truth contained in God’s Word. Can’t have to much of God’s Word imo. And if you’ve never read it for yourself, Jase’s recommendation of the gospel of John is a pretty good place to start.

Great balance

This podcast offers an excellent balance of learning & conversation. Tons of great scripture references!

We listen every day.

Confession: I’m a yuppy girl....but I also love Jesus! 😅 shew. I feel better now...(my husband hunts and we hope to live more off the land someday so, ya know, there’s hope ;)). But seriously, what a gift to be able to listen to your stories and genuine conversations over the scriptures. I love that our teenage boys enjoy listening as well! They have a very similar fire for Jesus and just feel all the more encouraged as they hear/see your example. Also, I know you guys talk about the pitfalls of social media/the black box ;) and I couldn’t recommend Cal Newport’s “Digital Minimalism” enough! Really a must-read for all of us who fell into this digital world (and especially for those coming up!). Keep up the good work. God bless.

Good job soldiers

Keep up the good work brothers

Thank you

Thank you for sharing Jesus with a needy world. Thank you so much for sharing your personal stories. It helps to know you struggle with the same things I do. God bless you. ❤️

A vegetarian's favorite podcast

I recently discovered the Unashamed podcast and I have to say the honesty is very refreshing. I have only been a listener for about two weeks and I have been averaging 2-3 back episodes a day while trying to keep up on the new ones as well. Phil, Jase, and Al have an enthusiasm for King Jesus that is contagious. I've been a Christian for almost 30 years and have been stuck in the same old religious motions for the last decade. I love Jesus and God's Word but the these guys make me want to get passionate about a kingdom mindset again. I highly recommend this podcast, not only does it have great biblical study, but the stories will make you laugh as well. And yes my subject heading is true, this unlikely listener is a vegetarian and has been for over 20 years... I should clarify that I have never liked meat and have pretty much passed on it my whole life. I have no issue with someone else eating it, especially if someone (like the Robertson family) is doing the hunting and preparing themselves.

Best everyday conversations.. No shame in the Name! What a great show Top 1of100

Love hearing these guys. Jesus is Lord & these guys help to prove it more and more everyday.


You and your family have simply been an inspiration for me get closer to God. I have never witnessed such an unapologetic submission to His plan. I have come to look forward to new episodes almost daily. Praise God for all!

This ain’t no Joel Osteen

Listening to this podcast is a must if you are a Christian or have questions about becoming a Christian.... and/or a duck hunter. These guys ain’t no Joel Osteen! They are true to the Word! Their discussions are game changers, their guests are great and you might even find yourself with best darn jambalaya recipe, ever.


I look forward to to each gathering of the brothers in Christ!

Excellent Podcast

I really enjoy this podcast! The Robertson share their testimonies and humor as they discuss their journeys through life.

Keep the main thing the main thing.

I was so thankful to hear the word shared in episode194. Stories of life are fun but this is the word the world needs to hear. For many this is the only seminary we have. Continue to share the word!!!


Praise God for some real men who “are not ashamed of the gospel of Christ”. I praise God for all the members of the Body. I love the humor, wisdom, and most of all that Our Savior is lifted up.