I am not ashamed of the Gospel. What about you? ~Phil Robertson


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Thank you!

I love listening to this Podcast! Jase always cracks me up when he goes on long tangents. Thank you!

Love listening

Two things: First I thank God and this family for providing wholesome, uplifting and yet honest content. Second, be sure my prayers are with the whole family, as it must be incredibly trying at times to be where and who you are. May God’s Grace always be with you, His wisdom guide you, His strength protect you and His love fill you. Amen.

I love them

I love the podcasts and listen to them every night with my brother. I love the podcasts, tv shows, and the family. You guys are the best, you sure have made me unashamed. Keep preaching the gospel.

Young men

So excited to hear Al share that such a large demographic of Unashamed listeners are young men in there mid to late twenties. This group so needs Jesus. I challenge you older believers out there to go find a young man and point them to Jesus, love them and encourage them in the Word. We have much work to do.

Good stuff

I have been bringing insomnia to a new level, so started listening to these guys. I am hooked. Funny with great life lessons!

Thank You

Thank you for your honesty, laughter and spiritual guidance. Happy 2021!

Love this group of Godly men

They are unashamed in their passion for Jesus and for loving others! I love to hear the stories they tell and the biblical wisdom they share!!!

Great podcast

Straight forward and just about perfect. Gives me hope! Simplified things to help me understand.Thanks

Great Podcast

I love listening to these guys. They’re just some regular folks discussing the Bible and Jesus with one another. It’s a great thing to witness. When I think the world has gone insane, these men bring me back down to earth.

Love this podcast!!

Never miss a show and my whole family likes it


These are the type of men this country will need to survive- Unashamed, unapologetic, courageous men of faith. Men today have lost their way and don’t know how to lead or protect their family.

Love these

It’s amazing how God works. He takes a man (Phil) with many troubles, but turns him into a God fearing man who goes on and becomes such an icon in the religious world and the duck hunting world. Wish I could hunt in a duck season like Phil’s.

I love this podcast!

I’ve been watching since the beginning, and I still look forward to listening to these every time they come out! God bless you all!!

Most Delightful Podcast!

These guys are straight up, honest, Godly men of integrity who love the Lord and teaching others. I was NOT a Duck Dynasty watcher. Emphasis on WAS. I am now watching every episode I can and am enjoying them with my kids. Thank you for speaking into my ear and letting the teachings and love of Jesus flow through you into others. God Bless you all!

Unashamed to listen

I love this podcast. Best podcast out there. Love listening to everyone on the show. Well done guys.

Seriously love this!!!

Read Phil’s “Jesus Politics” book which led to this podcast. So good and exactly what we need in this day in age.


I have been listening to you all for a while. You have changed me! I am so grateful our paths have crossed. I feel like a bobble head doll listening to you. Up and down my head goes! So much sense and truth. We get so tangled up in today’s nonense. You have reeled me back in. It’s not as difficult as we all make it sometimes! Phil, Al, Jase, Zach you all bring something special so don’t change a thing. Thank You! 🤗

Entertaining Educational Edification

I love these guys! Just a dad and his sons talking about scripture. Check them out!


I have always LOVED Duck Dynasty! I am so glad I can now continue to listen to you all and learn more about Jesus. Thank you! Bless you all!

Thankful For This Podcast

I listen every day! I love that they are so down to earth and not ashamed of their faith and love of Jesus. They truly know the Bible. I love their explanations of scriptures and how they tie it into every day life. God Bless the Robertson’s.

Re: other platforms, censorship

During your podcast you expressed concern about possible censorship being a concern expressing views regarding transgender issues. Have you heard of Parler & Rumble. These are alternatives to Twitter & Fakebook. I have experienced censorship as well as my niece, the horse lady from Va.. She’s always in fb jail. But personally, I get a lot of warnings about posting things I know to be fact concerning election fraud here in Michigan. I saw a clip on NewsMax where an RNC official was denied entry to the building where ballots were being certified. So that tells you how corrupt Governor Whitmer is!

Love these guys!

I’m a Texas farm wife and this show is apart of my daily time with God. I am learning so much about the Bible and I have gone to church all my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I pray God keeps blessing your family.

Really good

You guys speak the absolute truth all day long one of my favorite podcasts

Wisdom and wit

Right on, brothers! Keep the Good News coming.

Amazing Gospel presentation

What an amazing gospel from men who my son relates to. I am sharing this with all three of my boys. May the Lord bless your families for this ministry.

Life changing... literally.

I strongly encourage you to try listening to these fellas. Discussing the Word of God along with redneck hi jinx. I hope the episodes never end.

My Favorite Podcast 🙌🏽

I am one of the women listeners! Listen to the podcast to and from work and always get a blessing out of each podcast! Thank you!


Biblical truth delivered in gentleness and love


It is a podcast I have kept up with and am listening to old episodes. So good and it is smooth and easygoing. Flawless transition from regular talk to the Gospel true light in this world. Living up to the mission the Lord gave “ 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations,(A) baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,(B) 20 and teaching(C) them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you(D) always, to the very end of the age.”(E)” Matthew 28:19-20

Listening and Loving

I’ve been listening now for a couple of months. I love that you bring in your personal experiences and lives, then you turn it around spiritually and end with an encouraging Word. Comical yet thought provoking! Love it!!!