I am not ashamed of the Gospel. What about you? ~Phil Robertson


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Life changing!

Listen while working out everyday

Episode 204

Best episode so far! Thank you for putting this past week’s events into perspective. I feel much more at peace.

Listened from Day 1 on blaze, I-Tunes & YouTube

Al, You gotta know You,Jase and Your Dad are the Bomb. But, I do gotta Say. Somebody wrote it about the Volume. I believe I’m a little older than you and The hearing’s going South. I agree with the person who Said Please turn up the volume. Getting old ’s Fun God Bless You All Come on Up to Northern Idaho for Some Hunting We’ll treat Ya all


Love this podcast. It’s exactly what America needs right now....people pointing them to the One and only person who can save us all....Jesus.


The best podcast that can be found.

Uplifting for everyone

Hunting tales mixed with the gospel. Terrific every time! All 3 men exude integrity and a heart for the Lord. Always a good choice.


Thanks for keeping the salvation message simple for all to accept.

Sanity Savers

Thank you for helping us keep our sanity in these tumultuous times. Your positive message and humor have helped more than you know!


What else can I say, if you don’t got Jesus you ain’t going far

I love the show

I’m a lifelong believer and love listening to your show before ending the day. I love your stories and how you relate them to scripture. The best thing is that you aren’t putting up a front, but just being who God created you to be.

Great Teaching

I love listening to this podcast, they all know the Bible and great at teaching. They help so many people.

Al Robertson

If it was possible I’d drive down there to be baptized by Phil, jace, or Al. Great men. I’m new to the faith and love listening to them

Love the Robertson Authenticity

Really love the genuineness of the Robertson family. Lots of laughter and faith. Highly recommend.

From the San Francisco Bay Area

Grew up in CA, will probably die here as well. However, I feel like a Southerner at heart. If I could either, up and leave my family, OR convince them all to follow, I’d move to the South tomorrow. I do appreciate your love of Jesus, America and family. And the southern accents... omg ❤️. Thank you Robertson’s, thank you 🙏🏼 ❤️🙏🏼

Turn up the volume!

Zach or Al, can you please turn up the volume before you post a podcast. I listen at work and cannot hear over background noise. Thank you! Love the show!

Love this podcast!

I love this podcast. Brings a breath of fresh air to hear REAL men following Gods plans for their lives and leading their families to glorify Gods kingdom. I also love when the women speak and think it would be great if they had their own podcast! I love all of their wisdom they are sharing with our broken world. Keep it up!

Jase phrase

Jase needs to coin the phrase “you’ve missed the point” 😂😂

Podcast review Robinson

I look forward to downloading and listening to the podcast very inspirational I love the stories especially just the family stories as well and the way you talk scripture is awesome .thank you .I spread the word

Comfort food...

Feels like you’re sitting around the dinner table with them and talking about Jesus. Exactly what discipleship and evangelism should be.


The title says it all. Keep it up boys!

Amazing to listen!!!😌✨🙌

Love your politics opinions, biblical teachings, and stories. You guys have really opened my mind!! Such a amazing podcast!!😌✨💕

Thank you!

I love listening to this Podcast! Jase always cracks me up when he goes on long tangents. Thank you!

Love listening

Two things: First I thank God and this family for providing wholesome, uplifting and yet honest content. Second, be sure my prayers are with the whole family, as it must be incredibly trying at times to be where and who you are. May God’s Grace always be with you, His wisdom guide you, His strength protect you and His love fill you. Amen.

I love them

I love the podcasts and listen to them every night with my brother. I love the podcasts, tv shows, and the family. You guys are the best, you sure have made me unashamed. Keep preaching the gospel.

Young men

So excited to hear Al share that such a large demographic of Unashamed listeners are young men in there mid to late twenties. This group so needs Jesus. I challenge you older believers out there to go find a young man and point them to Jesus, love them and encourage them in the Word. We have much work to do.

Good stuff

I have been bringing insomnia to a new level, so started listening to these guys. I am hooked. Funny with great life lessons!

Thank You

Thank you for your honesty, laughter and spiritual guidance. Happy 2021!

Love this group of Godly men

They are unashamed in their passion for Jesus and for loving others! I love to hear the stories they tell and the biblical wisdom they share!!!

Great podcast

Straight forward and just about perfect. Gives me hope! Simplified things to help me understand.Thanks

Great Podcast

I love listening to these guys. They’re just some regular folks discussing the Bible and Jesus with one another. It’s a great thing to witness. When I think the world has gone insane, these men bring me back down to earth.