I am not ashamed of the Gospel. What about you? ~Phil Robertson


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Love it

Thankful for Godly Men discussing Gods word

True to the Word

What a show. Loved that I could watch the tv show with my family, but this podcast has blown me away. It has truly changed my spiritual walk completely. I had no idea how confused I was with Gods Word. I was a Pharisee and didn’t know it! I just trusted the “process” and didn’t ask many questions nor dig. Got saved then joined the religious crowd. I was wrong! The way y’all break down scripture has been the biggest blessing. How could a Christian of 25 years not realize that we are free from the law of Moses? How could a Christian of 25 years not realize that we are under a new covenant? I love Jesus more today than I ever have because I finally realize what He truly did for me (and mankind) on that cross!! Thank you guys so much !!! Keep sharing !!

Life Inspiring

Hilarious stories embedded in spiritual inspiration. A thorough breakdown of the Bible from an utterly common sense perspective that reminds modern believers, who are surrounded by the unnecessary complexity of “the church,” of the straightforward simplicity of God.

God is good

Keep up the great work !!!

Bonding spouses

My husband and I love to listen to this podcast in the car and especially as we sit down and do our homework or Bible study. This show has brought us closer together as we learn how to abide in Jesus and have an intimate relationship with Him. Through that, we have made it a priori to spend time together in prayer and in the word. We are unashamed and love this show soooo much. We both have said if we could just sit down for 15 minutes and have a conversation about Jesus with y’all it would be amazing! Thank you for being bold and unashamed about your love and faith for Christ and God’s people!

Food for my soul!

Bible first teachings, sweet family dynamic. So grateful to find people who love Christ as much as I do. When you experience Christ and have a firm foundation, you want others to find it too! So grateful for the Robertson family’s obedience to Christ! Keep preaching!!!

Fantastic Podcast

Thanks for all that you do, bring the word of our savior and being out spoken Christians. After watching Duck Dynasty, I really enjoyed seeing a nice clean show. This podcast has shown me more and more what great people you all are, this content is extremely lacking in our world. Keep up the great work. God Bless you all ✝️

Best podcast ever!

I started listening a week ago. I loved it so much I even went back to episode 1 and now I’m on 10. I bought Phil’s book, the one about the “Theft of America’s Soul”. I think Phil sounds and reminds me of my PapPaw. He recently passed away and he preached the Gospel for over 50 years. I love it how Phil, Jase and Al tells it like it is. The entire country or the world should be listening. Love how they get so deep into the Scriptures. Thank you for this podcast. Keep going. -Amber, a female audience member.

Thank you guys

Great podcast thank you guys for all the Bible references and being encouraging. ROLLTIDEROLL

Thank you

Love hearing the gospel from all of you. Need more programming on TV like your show Duck Dynasty!! Thank you for all you do for this country!!

Standing Strong

Standing up Godly ideals and principles. Being “unhinged” for Christ!

Thank you!

I may never get to shake your hands but thank you for all you do for the kingdom of God!

Perfect Pod Cast

I am always amazed at the amazing depth of their Bible study and thoughts on living a daily, victorious Christian life. At the same time Jase, Al, Phil, et al, are very interesting to listen to and very funny....at the apropriate times! All around, it is a wonderful git away from daily life where I can have a deep, meaningful Bible study. Thank you for your ministry. Larry from Texas


Precious Precious Precious 💋⚔️🦋

The BEST podcast

Thank you Al, Jase, and Phil for sharing personal life moments, funny stories, and most importantly interpreting the gospel. P.S. - Missy should have her own podcast. Blessings

Thank You

I have always (to the best of my memory) believed in Jesus Christ. After 40 years, I decided it was about time to start actually following Him! I have listened to Unashamed for several years now (mainly started by being a run-over fan of the “Little Duck Show”) but have grown to incorporate the teachings and discussions into that of my own. I feel as if I’m at the same table with these guys sharing a meal, that they are like family! Love the show, love the mission, love my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ!! God Bless! William from Snellville Georgia

Great meals

We are hungry for the Holy Spirit and light of the world

Hebrew’s study

This is my most favorite book of the Bible and you guys are killing it, what a great study. Jase, you have some great insight. I love the fact that you guys have taken the time to go back and talk about the stories in the Old Testament

So awesome!

Such a good show!!!!!

Thank you!

I appreciate how deep you all get into the Bible. I’ve learned more listening than I ever did in church. God bless you all!

Jase is RIGHT

So on his trip of roach killing, lock breaking & golf club toting vacation, he mentioned the movie 13 lives. So awesome! Now you really made a good recommendation there. Thanks for all your studies in the Word. I’m thankful for all of you. Amy Anderson


2Co 10:14 For we stretch not ourselves beyond our measure, as though we reached not unto you: for we are come as far as to you also in preaching the gospel of Christ: …= ‘podcast’🔥


Stairway to heaven but the devil has four lane highway to eternity in misery

So good!

Such a great Bible study and clean, fun banter. Thank you for taking the time effort and energy to do this podcast and being obedient in what the Lord has put on your heart. But, please, do not have Larry Bowles on again. He brings such a different tone and energy to the conversation, some good messages from him but the delivery is somewhat arrogant and legalistic, in my opinion. Thank you again for so many other great podcasts that share Biblical truth!


Sometimes I don’t even realize things can be overcompicated, until I hear Zach overcomplicate them. Love you man but please stop trying to explain things that are self explanatory such as saved by Grace through faith. You’re just confusing folks out here.


Rom 8:24 For we are saved by hope: but hope that is seen is not hope: for what a man seeth, why doth he yet hope for?


I’m Unashamed and I love their humor, and their doctrine that they study and teach on. I don’t know what’s not to like about this fantastic podcast/Bible Study

Thank You

I’m a little behind in the episodes but our church is also doing Hebrews. Thank you for you additional insight! I love you personal stories and your Bible study. Love you all! Leslie


You need to stop using the phrase men of renowned so flagrantly. The men of renowned are the giants, the nephilim. Not just some renowned dudes.

Biblical Worldview Affirmed

The biblical worldview is affirmed here. There are two choices - the wide or the narrow gate. Valid evidence affirms biblical faith, based on knowledge, to be the correct -- and narrow -- gate. Amen, brother Phil! Preach on! I do also. Appalachian Irishman is my website. We, with grace, try to help folks choose the narrow gate. The free choice has everlasting consequences. Choose wisely!