I am not ashamed of the Gospel. What about you? ~Phil Robertson
May 18, 2023

Ep 684 | Phil’s Many Near-Death Ordeals, Jase Had to Repent & ‘The Blind’ Teaser Trailer Drops

Ep 684 | Phil’s Many Near-Death Ordeals, Jase Had to Repent & ‘The Blind’ Teaser Trailer Drops
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Phil has almost died many times due to his own poor choices, and Jase witnessed something that convicted him immediately. The guys discuss the newly dropped teaser trailer for “The Blind” movie and how powerfully it affected them. Zach and Jase observe the way Satan uses the entertainment industry for his own gain. Al surmises that Phil would still be an incredible evangelist even without the “Duck Dynasty” fame. Plus, who got a literal pie in the face at church?

In this episode: In this episode: Luke 3, verse 21, through Luke 4, verse 13

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"The Blind" hits theaters on 9/28/23. Get sneak peeks, updates & insider exclusives: https://theblindmovie.com

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