I am not ashamed of the Gospel. What about you? ~Phil Robertson
April 14, 2023

Ep 665 | Willie’s Ex-Boss Spills the Beans on Him & Phil’s Naked Hunting Buddies

Ep 665 | Willie’s Ex-Boss Spills the Beans on Him & Phil’s Naked Hunting Buddies
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Special guest Mac Owen dishes the details about what kind of employees the Robertson boys were as young men. Phil explains why there were occasionally naked men in his duck blind, and the guys listen to Mac’s amazing conversion story. Mac, one of the global directors of Celebrate Recovery, has a long history with the Robertson family and shares some hilarious tales of their early lives together. The guys discuss the qualities of eldership and how to grow from sin to being a leader. 

In this episode: 1 Timothy 1, verses 3-7

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