I am not ashamed of the Gospel. What about you? ~Phil Robertson
Oct. 17, 2022

Ep 566 | Phil Hoodwinks Jase & Willie on His Ultimate Redneck Investment

Ep 566 | Phil Hoodwinks Jase & Willie on His Ultimate Redneck Investment

Phil surprises Jase with his unusual new investment — and Jase calls Phil a "faith investor." Phil has only one phrase that comes to mind when he hears the name "Joe Biden." Jase calls for Christians to show grace to one another if they disagree, as long as they're all united on who Jesus is. Phil takes a fresh look at the Old Testament story of Naaman, and Jase applies it to a predicament he found himself in at a gas station. Phil believes storms — and definitely hurricanes — can be used to test people's faith, much like how the disciples in the boat with Jesus were tested and terrified. Plus, if these guys had been in the boat with Jesus, how would they have reacted? Al recalls fishing with Phil in the middle of a storm. Jase wants all unbelievers to read Mark 1-4. Zach cautions against the biggest threat to the kingdom of God. Jase reminds us that our anchor MUST be to Jesus and why "just believe in yourself" is terrible advice. 

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